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Our competitors concentrate on cool reports, branding, awareness and leads, but we focus on the only success metric that matters in business —


When we’re tasked to help our clients seal more deals, we use all the heavy artillery in sales and marketing. Using artificial intelligence (AI), CRM integrations, YouTube videos, webinars, optimized and lead-generating websites, email newsletter, SEO, paid campaigns, and more, we can help your business grow.

SEO website audit

We perform a unique, comprehensive website audit using proprietary software. The software connects with all the major SEO tools and pulls the information from them to design a digital strategy that gets your business found online, and in front of its next customer.

Once all the information is gathered, proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) goes over the data and recommends practical upgrades to perform on the website.

From our experience, there is no need to wait 3 months to see results. You can enjoy increased conversions in a shorter period.

local presence

The #1 source of local traffic in North America comes from Google My Business (Google Maps).

Once the service is activated, our team will analyze your Google My Business listing and optimize it. But we do so much more than what our competitors do.

Beyond optimizing your map listing, we will provide additional recommendations, such as targeting local keywords to promote your business in the area.

The result? Your business can rank on a local Google search, thanks to a high quality map listing.

Plus, reach the audience on other listing directories. Be found through citations on YellowPages, Yelp, Canada 411, and more!

social media services

Everyone’s on social media, but how do you craft a distinct brand that your customers will love?

Anyone can set up a social media profile, but not everyone interacts with outbound messaging on these platforms. Our difference? We actually go social. We connect to groups and discuss with real people your brand, services, and commitment to quality customer service online.

Plus, we also maintain an active, healthy social presence through posting daily or weekly on some or all platforms.

Engage your audience, reach a new market, and build a community. Get social on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google+.

paid Advertising

Compete with the bigger industry players. How?

Our full media services include research, strategy, design, and optimization of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns like Google AdWords, and paid campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Wondering how our campaigns are different? Our results speak to that.

We don’t advertise to bring leads. We advertise to help you seal deals. Success is measured through the deals you close.

Using the most advanced tools in the market, we track each campaign and determine its cost-effectiveness and performance — a strategic use of your marketing dollars.

Content (website, blog, social, ads, landing pages)

Quality content is critical for your marketing success. The seamless integration of text, images, videos, graphics, forms, and other elements will determine if a user will click on your ad, browse pages, and subscribe to landing page offers.

So how do you craft the best message for your business?

Working with professional copywriters and content creators both in Canada and offshore, our guarantee is value-adding and highly influential content.

Youtube promotion

Today, Youtube is the most cost-effective method to promote your business.

Our video services, starting with video production, video editing, posting on YouTube, and all the way to video promotion on the AdWords platform get you in front of your audience, and provide your next customer with a live product or service experience.

Trust us to do video promotions correctly — cost-effective, but value-adding. Learn how we can get quality views on a 30-second video for just 3 cents on average.

BUYER persona

Our buyer persona service is a one-hour session that analyzes in detail who your target customers are.

From demographics, buying habits, and consumer behavior, to hobbies, career history, and family size – we identify and report not just how your top offers can reach customers, but get them to actually take action.

Our reports are written as if the persona is a real, live customer, so you can map out the consumer journey from search and click, to negotiate and buy.

The Buyer Persona session is designed to produce a “real” person — your target audience, and the base of any marketing strategy as we move forward.

marketing architect

How do you know if a campaign is successful? Effective marketing strategies are guided by a clear set of goals.

We offer creative brainstorming sessions to set up the architecture of your overall marketing strategy. Working directly with Lior, we will define your goals and methods for achieving them.

Next up is creating a solid plan and setting up an actual project to make it all happen.

Lior’s approach is very unique and results-oriented. While most companies will spend 5 weeks going back-and-forth on colors and other minor concerns, Lior prefers to dive deep right away. He will create 2 ads on a small budget, and conduct A/B testing to see what potential customers respond to.

This service will be priced based on the number of sessions required to lay down the foundations and craft the details of your marketing strategy.

Web Design & Landing pages

After 15 years of web design and thousands of websites, we have learned the in’s and out’s of web design, allowing us to curate a proven process for deploying aesthetically pleasing and fully functional websites.

Combining our marketing insights and technical know-how, we create and launch highly-converting sites that drive quality traffic to the business.

We develop those websites on WordPress or Wix. We don’t develop custom websites, but we launch your business online with a powerful marketing presence.

custom logo

In collaboration with a third-party service, we can design and create your logo — the very identity of your brand.

We work with the talented pool of designers at 48 Hours Logo. After looking at the inputs of top designers, we can launch your unique, custom logo that matches your company’s spirit.

You have 2 options for getting your logo:

1) Do it yourself and pay directly to the designer at 48 Hours Logo.​
2) We will work with 48 Hours Logo to brainstorm and create options for your logo until you’re ready to launch.

marketing automation

After years of trial and error and experimenting with different tools and platforms for automating some processes so you can grow your reach exponentially, we’ve finally designed a product that’s guaranteed to provide you with great results.

Our marketing automation service involves targeted newsletter distribution to help you keep healthy relationships with your most valued clients.

This also includes curating a process of re-targeting audiences that you’ve already reached before. With the right message, we can help you revive dead leads and maximize every marketing dollar.

Lior Izik
Owner & Marketing Expert

Lior has over 20 years of proven marketing experience working with small businesses, all the way to fortune 500 companies.

Over the course of his marketing career, Lior has worked with and explored endless possibilities for engaging the market through all types of media.

Lior has helped many businesses thrive both digitally and offline through newsletters, paid campaigns (Google AdWords and social media ads), organic social media campaigns, custom CRM extensions for campaign tracking, and even radio.

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