How to make more money while working less (yes, really!)

With a system that automates your processes and manages your real estate business for you

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What does the ideal real estate deal look like?

A homeowner says, “Hi, I want to sell/buy my property.” One of your agents replies, “Great, we'd be happy to sell/buy your property. I'll send over the contract.”

You have the signed contract in hand and celebrate another successful deal.

That's just too good to be true. You know it practically never goes down like that.

Real estate deals are messy!

Your lead is on vacation. They're distracted by a family emergency or issues at work. You can't reach them for days, weeks, even months.

But you also know the people who are hard to reach often have the most lucrative deals.

That's where it gets challenging, and most real estate agents fail. Because...

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Without constant follow-up at every
stage of the deal process (and beyond)
you're losing out on business

When you’re handing over leads to your agents, you’re trusting them to diligently call and follow-up when they don't reach the prospects.

But do they really do that?

How do they remember to call again (and for the third and fourth time), to follow up when the lead hasn't returned the signed contract, or to check in with lost leads after a few months to see if the time is right to work together?

If the answer is excel spreadsheets, post-it notes, or a reminder app, then you're in trouble.

These are amateur tools.

They give you ZERO control over what's happening with your leads and deals.

Basically, you're flying blind. Probably losing leads every day, without realizing it. That's real money you're leaving on the table.

And it's virtually impossible to grow a business like this. Getting more leads doesn't mean much if you can't convert them. And to convert them, you need the right system and processes in place.

So why make life so hard for yourself and your agents?

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With the right system and processes in place, there’s no limit to how much your business can grow

Imagine opening up your laptop in the morning (after a refreshing workout or sleeping in because you can)...

Logging into a single software program...

And seeing a full birdseye view of your real estate business with the option to zoom in to whatever detail you want.

You see the status of each lead in every stage of your deal process.

You know exactly what every one of your agents has been doing to move leads forward towards a sale.

You know how successful they are, how many deals they've closed and who's performing the best or worst.

You're fully in control of what's happening in your real estate business,
not leaving anything to chance or blindly trusting your agents to do their job.

Most importantly, you know how much money you've made. (Let's be honest, that's the best part of being in business.)

And all that without spending more time in your business (you'll actually be spending less).

Now, you're feeling comfortable adding more agents to your team to close even more deals - because you can rely on your system to manage and keep them in check.

So, what is this system that lets real estate brokers earn more while doing less?

The solution is Zoho One – a complete system for running your real estate business.

It’s by far the most powerful, value-for-money CRM out there.

With 50 different apps in one, Zoho One is all you need to be successful.

You can say goodbye to email service providers, scheduling services, electronic signature apps, and all the other little tools that you're trying so hard to integrate with each other to create a coherent process.

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Zoho One truly is THE all-in-one system that gives you the freedom to automate your processes and grow your business.

So, why haven’t you heard of Zoho One yet or seen other real estate brokers use it?

The great thing about Zoho is that it's so versatile. It works for virtually any type of business.

That also means that when you sign up for Zoho, you first see an empty system.

Zoho needs customization to reflect what
you want it to do for you.

For real estate, that means it has to capture details of properties and reflect the stages of your deal process that every lead passes through.

But nobody is helping you to convert your business requirements into the system.

That's where most real estate brokers give up, unfortunately. And miss out on a HUGE opportunity to make their life easier once and for all.

I’ve solved this problem for you!

Hi, I’m Lior Izik, business consultant and Advanced Zoho Partner.

For more than 15 years, I’ve built hundreds of CRM systems for my clients to help them automate their processes, manage their business with less stress and make more money.

During this time, I've seen many real estate brokers and agents struggle with their business and finding the right system to support them.

I know how powerful Zoho is. It truly is the perfect solution for real estate businesses. I've customized multiple Zoho systems for my real estate clients who've subsequently increased their sales and made their job much easier.

Because so many real estate brokers were asking me for customizations, I've decided to templatize my Zoho real estate solution. Now even more real estate brokers can benefit from it.

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Let’s hear directly from a real estate broker

How Acquisto Real Estate in Texas benefits from my Zoho CRM solution


The Zoho Real Estate Package

Your ready-to-go solution

This is your complete Zoho CRM setup, fully customized for the needsof real estate brokers and their teams.

And with it, you'll hit the ground running instead of wasting time trying to customize Zoho on your own or spending thousands of dollars on a Zoho developer in the process.

Everything is set up and ready to go.

My Zoho Real Estate Package will take care of all your business processes - from nurturing leads to closing deals and providing outstanding customer service.

At every stage, the system knows what to do, so you and your agents don't have to think too much and can concentrate on your clients instead.

Manage your Real Estate Business Effectively!

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What Zoho One with my
supplemental Real Estate Package
can help you achieve

Generate more leads consistently

Create a lead-generating website for your real estate business

With Zoho Sites’ easy drag-and-drop functionality, you don’t need a web developer to make your website look professional. Integrated analytics will show you how many people visit and which properties are viewed the most.

Convert more website visitors with live chat

Extend your system with Zobot, a live chatbot, to have a real conversation with any visitor. If the chatbot doesn’t know the answer to a question, it’ll notify you on your phone. And you can start chatting with the lead directly via the Zoho app.

Get the word out on social media

Just like Hootsuite or any other social media management tool, Zoho Social lets you schedule and post messages to all your favorite social media networks from one single place. Creating your posts for the week in advance can save you a lot of time. A plus is also that the system will tell you the right time to post so you reap maximum exposure. And, of course, you can also respond to any messages via Zoho Social.

Automate your emails and keep your leads engaged

Before you make an offer, welcome new leads and warm them up with an automated email sequence set up in Zoho Campaigns. You can also create email campaigns for lost leads that’ll continue to add value to them. In a few months or even years when they’re ready to buy/sell again, you’ll be the first person they contact.

Capture all information about a lead with just a few clicks

Your lead profile comes with pre-filled dropdown fields that make it super quick to record every crucial detail about a lead. No more hand-scribbled notes that get lost.

Close more deals without hiccups

Track all contact points with your leads for full transparency

Whether your agents contact your leads via email, SMS, or phone call, Zoho CRM makes it simple to track everything. You’ll always know the current status of your leads.

Automate the follow-up to never lose a lead again

If an agent can’t reach a lead (which happens constantly), Zoho CRM will remind them to follow up by a specific date and add these tasks to their calendar. The system can also automatically trigger an email telling the lead that you’ve tried to reach them. This increases your chances of getting a reply.

Grab your leads’ attention with text messages

People treat their text messages as urgent and you can use that to your advantage. Zoho CRM lets you send text messages and reach more people. You can send them immediately or schedule for later and view analytics of how they’ve performed.

Get to the most important emails faster

The Zoho Inbox automatically sorts all your emails into categories so you can manage them easily and filter for what’s important. You can prioritize emails related to deals and leads so the crucial window of opportunity isn’t missed.

Manage all documents related to a deal in one place

Whether it’s videos and pictures of a property, the listing agreement, or the contract with the client, everything’s safely stored within Zoho CRM. You can access all documents at any time from anywhere (they’re in the cloud) and will never lose anything again.

Automatically create documents and have them signed electronically

No more time wasted creating contracts and listing agreements. Zoho CRM prefills all documents from the opportunity and listing so you can send them out with a click. Your lead can simply sign online. So much quicker and more convenient!

Turn customers into life-long fans with stellar customer service

Keep clients happy after the deal is closed

To impress your customers so that they’ll happily refer you to friends and family, you need to stand out with superior customer service. With Zoho CRM, you can automate the after-sale email communication to keep your clients informed and happy at any stage of the process.

Collect your customers’ feedback to continuously improve

In Zoho, you can easily create and send surveys to your customers to learn about what they liked and didn’t like about working with you. This is your chance to optimize your business.

Manage your business with ease

Get a complete
accounting system

Zoho generates, sends, and tracks invoices for you. With a few clicks, you can view any unpaid invoices and follow up. You’ll never lose money again because of poor invoice management.

Keep track of your
business performance

No need to call your bookkeeper to find out how your business is doing. Zoho shows you all the numbers that matter to you on a daily always-up-to-date basis in pre-created reports. For example, you can instantly view how much money you’ve made on a deal.

Be prepared
for tax season

Zoho tells you automatically how much money you need to set aside for the government so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Work effectively
with referrals

Zoho manages all of your referral partners and keeps them updated on their deals. The system makes sure that they’re paid on time and incentivized to keep bringing you leads.

Please review the video demonstrations before you commit or make any business decision.

Zoho CRM in Action
Digital Signature
Email Marketing
Zoho One Apps Overview
Zoho CRM for Real Estate Agents explained – Part 1
Zoho CRM for Real Estate Agents explained – Part 2
Zoho CRM for Real Estate Agents explained – Part 3
Make More Sales With Zoho Canvas View

The Real Estate Package integrates all Zoho One applications that you need

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Lior is an exceptional professional and really will provide you with amazing business results! I am not tech-savvy and just want my system to work and my business to run and all the tech stuff happening as it should. I could not do this without Lior.

Dana K.

Your investment into making more money while working less

Zoho CRM

USD $30 per month per user

You could pass on this cost to your agents
as part of their digital fees.

Zoho Real Estate Package Setup

USD $2995 one-time fee

Incl. unlimited users

Your bonuses to help
you hit the ground running

Our complete suite of Zoho online courses for FREE

  • Zoho CRM Course (worth $159)

    This online course will deepen your understanding of Zoho CRM to help you get even more out of the system.

  • Zoho Forms Course

    Learn how to grab more leads from your website and how to let your clients update their own personal details.

  • How to generate 100s of good reviews online

    A raving review from a satisfied customer is the best marketing message you can put out there. Here's a simple process to automate collecting great reviews from your customers.

Have your Zoho CRM all set up and running in 7 business days

Getting started with the Zoho Real Estate Package is easy. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Step 1

If you’re already a Zoho user, we’ll go ahead and install the package in your account. If you don’t have a Zoho account yet, we’ll send you the link to register.

Step 2

Within 7 business days, your system will be ready to go. We’ll verify that everything is set up correctly and works as it should.

Step 3

Now, you can import your data, either from your previous CRM or any other tools you use. We’re happy to assist with this step.

set up your system now!

Working with Lior is amazing. His understanding of Zoho is complete and he has the ability to give it over at the appropriate Zoho user level. Thank you Lior - you have been a big part in changing the face of our company.

Mark Lasarow

How to know that the Zoho Real Estate Package is perfect for you

This package is made for a very specific type of business and I want to make sure that you'll truly get the most out of it.

So, you're ready to make more money while working less with the Zoho Real Estate Package if..

  • 1

    You’re a real estate broker with a team and want to manage your agents more effectively or an individual agent.

  • 2

    You’re based in the US or Canada. This system is adapted to the terminology used in this demographic.

  • 3

    You’re ready to invest in the success and growth of your real estate business. And you understand that an efficient system is crucial to your business' growth.

  • 4

    You’re willing to spend at least a few hours learning how to use the system properly. You'll benefit from it for years to come and enjoy more free time.

  • 5

    You’ve tried other CRM solutions but aren't seeing the results you hoped for. Now, you want to invest in a solution that'll finally solve your problems once and for all.

Your FAQs answered

Will this be worth it?

To put it in perspective: the cost of the Real Estate Package and the Zoho subscription are likely a fraction of the deals you usually close. Now, imagine closing just one more deal because Zoho reminded you to follow up with a lead. You’ll have already paid it off.

Investing in the Zoho Real Estate Package will save you tons of time that's currently wasted on chasing after your agents and manually trying to manage them. Finally, you can concentrate on what actually matters in your business – like developing great relationships with your clients and expanding your reach.

How does Zoho CRM compare to other CRMs out there?

There are plenty of options when it comes to CRMs. However, the competitors will cost you more while giving you less functionalities. Zoho One is truly the most powerful, value-for-money CRM. Millions of users worldwide love it.

Also, none of the other CRMs will offer you a tailored real estate solution. With the Zoho Real Estate Package, you won’t start with a blank slate and struggle to customize the system for your needs.

Does Zoho CRM integrate with MLS?

It doesn’t, unfortunately. This is the same for all other quality CRMs out there.

Can you migrate my data into Zoho CRM for me?

We don’t offer data migration from other CRM systems to Zoho CRM due to the liability involved. However, we can walk you through the process of how to do it yourself. And if your data is all stored in Excel, it will be even easier to import.

What if I’m not satisfied with the Zoho Real Estate Package?

To ensure that you’re truly happy with your Zoho CRM, we’re investing a lot of time getting the system ready for you. But if after 14 days (from the day we’ve handed over the system to you), you’re not fully convinced that it’ll make your life easier, we’ll give you 50% of your money back

Lior is one of the best people I have dealt with. Very honest and upfront with results and expectations. He knows his stuff well and the results are great.

Dr. Mike Forman
Still on the fence?

Let’s consider what’s really at stake here for you

I totally get that you might want to mull it over. The Zoho Real Estate Package is not a small investment.

But, I’ve seen countless real estate brokers procrastinate on fixing their (often non-existent) system and processes.

They continue to lose money every day. Because their agents aren't chasing after leads and converting the deals they could.

They continue to stress about money because they don't know what's happening in their business.

And they still dream of a better, bigger real estate business that doesn't take up so much of their time.

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This can all change with the help of the Zoho Real Estate Package.

So, let me remind you of what you're getting:

  • An entire business solution that replaces pretty much all other apps you're currently using to run your business.

  • A system that's specifically designed and tailored for real estate businesses like yours (plus even more customization).

  • An automated process for chasing and converting leads into lucrative deals.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your agents are doing their job (and if they're not, you'll know immediately).

  • A complete bird's eye view of your business and how it's performing at any single point in time.

  • More time to focus on what really matters.

  • Full control of your real estate business as well as the confidence and resources to grow it as you see fit.

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Earn more.
Work less.

Your investment into making more money while working less

Zoho ONE

USD $30 per month per user

You could pass on this cost to your agents
as part of their digital fees.

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Zoho Real Estate Package

USD $2995 one-time fee

Includes unlimited users, Free weekly live support sessions, and our complete suite of Zoho CRM online courses.

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