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Get started now

Have you ever caught yourself thinking…

I wish more of my leads were converting into paying customers. I wish I knew if my team was actually doing what they're supposed to do. I wish I could shut down my laptop at 5 and relax instead of answering emails until late at night.
I wish…
I wish…

Those were my thoughts for a big part of my life. I was struggling hard to get a stable business. And I feel the pain of any business owner trying to do the same.

But eventually, I realized: Wishful thinking is BS!

You CAN achieve
what you wish for


  • Finding and converting leads reliably to reach comfortable profitability.
  • Knowing precisely how your team and business as a whole is performing at all times.
  • Freeing up bandwidth for the value-creating activities that grow your business.
  • Feeling like you’re controlling your business and not the other way around.
  • Ultimately, having more time for yourself and your family.

How do I know for sure?
Because I've done it!

By adopting the mindset that my business won't get better by chance, only by change.

Making it happen was all in my power, and it's in yours, too.

This allowed me to build several profitable businesses from scratch without funding and sell them at a profit. Even in extremely competitive markets like web design, marketing, and security.

You can probably guess which tool played a major role in my business success...

the best value- for-money CRM

For more than 15 years, I've built hundreds of CRM systems for my clients to help them automate their processes, save manpower, and manage their business with less stress.

As a certified Zoho partner and Zoho developer, I know the system inside out. And implement what I preach on a daily basis in my own businesses.

I'm also working directly with the Zoho team to give feedback and constantly improve the system for you.

Bottom line: I not only know the ins and outs of Zoho but also how to run a successful business

You can always be sure that...

  • My team and I understand your business needs.
  • Build a tailored Zoho solution for you that’s easy to use.
  • And get you truly amazing business results.

Lior is the bomb! Smart, intelligent, innovative, creative and most of all SAVED MY COMPANY FROM BANKRUPTCY. No words to express my gratitude.

Selina Brooke

Highly recommended!!!! Lior is outstanding, I could not be happier with his services. He goes above and beyond what the client asks for and needs. THANK YOU!!!

Isabelle from Swiss Learning

Lior has been the absolute best thing that has happened to our business! He's always attentive and helps answer any questions you may have. You will be more than happy with using his service!

Mandi Pelazzio

Lior is one of the best people I have dealt with. Very honest and upfront with results and expectations. He knows his stuff well and the results are great.

Dr. Mike Forman

Take your business success
into your own hands

I’m here to help. What can I do for you?

I need guidance on how to set up and use Zoho.

Show me the DIY resources

I want to work smarter not harder with automated processes.

Show me Business Automation Consulting

I want Zoho fully customized according to my business needs.

Show me the white-glove customization service

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