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Elevate Your Zoho CRM Experience
with Effortless Text Messaging
and Smart Notifications

Are you tired of juggling different communication channels for your Zoho CRM interactions? Introducing our Text Messaging Extension for Zoho CRM – the ultimate solution to simplify your communication and enhance customer engagement. With seamless texting capabilities and intelligent notifications, you’ll revolutionize the way you connect with leads, contacts, and deals.

Pain Points

Time-Consuming Communication: Tired of switching between platforms for communication? Our Text Messaging Extension eliminates the hassle by integrating text messaging directly into Zoho CRM.

Missed Opportunities: Don't miss out on crucial notifications. Our smart Zoho Cliq bot ensures you're always in the loop, providing instant alerts for every incoming SMS.

Complex Campaign Setup: Setting up SMS drip campaigns can be confusing. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the process, allowing you to create campaigns effortlessly.

Ineffective Engagement: Setting up SMS drip campaigns can be confusing. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the process, allowing you to create campaigns effortlessly.Engaging leads and contacts through traditional methods might not yield optimal results. Elevate your engagement strategy with personalized SMS drip campaigns.

Limited Outreach: Feel restricted in reaching a broader audience? With mass text messaging, you can effortlessly expand your reach to accounts through Leads, Contacts, and Deals modules.

Lack of Customization: Generic communication can be a turn-off. Craft personalized text messages using custom or template-based content to connect on a more meaningful level.

Technical Overwhelm: You're not a developer, and that's okay. Our extension empowers non-tech individuals to manage SMS campaigns seamlessly, eliminating the need for complex coding.


Streamlined Efficiency: Save time and effort by centralizing your communication within Zoho CRM, enhancing your workflow and boosting productivity

Campaign Precision: Create SMS drip campaigns tailored to different stages of your sales process, maximizing engagement and increasing your chances of success.

Wider Reach: Break down communication barriers. Reach a larger audience simultaneously with mass text messaging, amplifying your message effortlessly.

Simplified Customization: Tailor your texts without the struggle. Customize content easily to match your brand's voice and maintain consistent communication.

User-Friendly Control: Take charge of your campaigns, even without technical skills. Our intuitive interface puts you in control of your messaging strategy.

Real-time Awareness: Never be out of the loop again. Stay informed with immediate Zoho Cliq notifications, ensuring you're on top of very interaction.

Enhanced Engagement: Personalized messages resonate better. Strengthen customer relationships by delivering content that speaks directly to their needs and interests.

Key Features:

Effortless Messaging:Connect directly from Zoho CRM using a single Twilio phone number. Engage effortlessly across the Leads, Contacts, and Deals modules without the hassle of switching platforms.

SMS Drip Campaigns: Boost customer engagement with ease. Set up personalized SMS drip campaigns for lead generation, deal closures, and more, enhancing your interactions and driving results.

Customizable Content: Tailor your messages to perfection. Craft personalized texts using custom or template-based content, ensuring your communication aligns with your unique needs.

User-Friendly Interface:No technical skills required! Manage drip campaigns seamlessly through an intuitive interface, designed to simplify your experience and reduce complexity.

Smart Notifications: Stay informed at all times. Our integrated Zoho Cliq bot delivers timely alerts, incoming SMS links, and record-specific details right to your fingertips.

Mass Messaging: Expand your reach effortlessly. Send mass text messages using smart filters or views within the Leads, Contacts, and Deals modules, saving you time and effort.

Feel confident in your communication strategies and supercharge your Zoho CRM experience with our Text Messaging Extension. Don't let pain points hold you back—embrace the benefits today!

Who's Behind The Text Messaging Extension for Zoho CRM

At Amazing Business Results, we specialize in crafting custom and automated business solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We excel at understanding your business requirements and translating them into unique Zoho systems.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive Zoho development and training services to ensure seamless system adoption.

Free Premium Support

We prioritize your onboarding experience, as it is essential for both our companies’ success. To ensure a smooth transition, we offer white-glove service to all our customers, whether they’re on a trial version or have purchased our extension.

Our team will assist you with installation, configuration, maintenance, and even extending the functionality of the extension, free of charge.

Furthermore, our CTO hosts weekly webinars every Wednesday at 1 pm EDT. These webinars provide an opportunity for you to ask questions, seek assistance, and explore real-worlduse cases of our extension in action.

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Ready to revolutionize your communication within Zoho CRM? Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined interactions. Try our Text Messaging Extension today and experience the future of customer engagement.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs below


  • What is the Text Messaging Extension for Zoho CRM?

    Our extension enables you to send and receive text messages within Zoho CRM using a single Twilio phone number, simplifying your communication process.

  • How do SMS drip campaigns work?

    SMS drip campaigns allow you to set up automated, scheduled text messages for lead generation, deal closures, and more, enhancing your engagement strategies.

  • Can I personalize my text messages?

    Absolutely! Craft custom texts or use pre-designed templates to tailor your messages to each recipient's needs.

  • Is technical expertise required to use this extension?

    Not at all. Our user-friendly interface is designed for non-developers, making it easy to manage drip campaigns seamlessly.

  • How do smart notifications benefit me?

    Our Zoho Cliq bot ensures you receive instant alerts and SMS links, keeping you updated on every interaction and record.

  • Can I send mass text messages?

    Yes, you can effortlessly expand your reach by sending mass texts using filters or views within Leads, Contacts, and Deals modules.

  • How do I join the free ABR extension webinar?

    Join us every Wednesday at 1 PM EDT for insightful sessions on installing, configuring, and using our Text Messaging Extension. Reserve your spot here.

  • Is the extension compatible with all Zoho CRM modules?

    Currently, the extension is available for the Leads, Contacts, and Deals modules, ensuring comprehensive communication coverage.

  • What if I need assistance with installation or configuration?

    Our experts are here to help! Join our free webinar or reach out to our support team for personalized assistance.

  • Can I integrate my existing RingCentral or Twilio phone number

    Yes, you can seamlessly integrate your Twilio phone number to send and receive texts, consolidating your communication channels.

Ready to enhance your Zoho CRM experience? Embrace the power of streamlined communication today!