Congrats! You’ve invested in the best value-for-money business suite out there

Zoho CRM has the power to organize your business and take time-consuming, repetitive tasks off your hands…

To automate your business processes…

And to free up your days to work on big-picture stuff. (Like the new service you’ve been meaning to map out or the partnership you want to explore.)

The problem is that Zoho CRM is so MASSIVE that it’s hard to wrap your head around all of its components and how they can work together for your business.

As a certified Zoho partner, I hear from business owners who are overwhelmed by the system every day.

So, if you know without a doubt that you aren’t using Zoho CRM to its fullest potential…

Then keep reading…

Cause what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on a few weeks from now when your business is finally running like a well-oiled machine, giving you the freedom to build the life you’ve imagined for yourself.

But first, let me show you what’s at stake.

Without a functioning digital business suite...
You’re doomed to lose in business

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re grinding to put food on the table for your family and your employees. By the end of every workday, you’re utterly exhausted.

And still, something’s not letting you sleep at night.

It’s questions like “Did Joe call back that gentleman who was interested in our product?"

It’s the thought of your team’s hard work going to waste because leads aren’t converting.

It’s your to-do list for tomorrow that looks painfully similar to the one from today.

You can’t shake the feeling of being trapped in a rat race. Whatever you try, you can’t seem to get ahead.

With all that effort and commitment, isn’t it time you started receiving some damn payoff?

You deserve to go home at 5, having the peace of mind that all tasks are taken care of, and all clients attended to.

You deserve to feel 100% in control of your business, knowing exactly how each employee contributes and how the company is performing.

And you deserve to pursue BIG goals without having to worry that you’re dropping the ball on your current customers.

With Zoho CRM, you’ve made an investment in your future that allows you to finally take ownership of your destiny.

But before I show you how to make that happen, you need to get familiar with…

The 4 reasons you’re still stuck trying to make Zoho CRM work for you (and how to snap out of it right now)

Reason #1

You’re relying on trial and error

You’re a smart person. I don’t doubt that. Buteven the savviest business owners struggle to set up Zoho CRM the right way.

For example, I’ve seen business owners frustrated over finding an integration between Zoho and tools like Zendesk, Zoom, Calendly or Quickbooks. The thing is, you don’t even need these tools because the same functionality is already part of Zoho.

It’s not your fault! The system truly is massive. And you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

What you need:

To realize that when you set up Zoho CRM based on limited knowledge, you won’t leverage its full potential and miss out on important functionalities.

Reason #2

You’re wasting your time with how-to videos on YouTube

Have you watched video after video, following small breadcrumbs with the hope of finding the solution to your problem …only to end up disappointed at yet another sales pitch of a Zoho partner?

And even when you’ve found a useful video, you notice that it’s based on an earlier version of the system, and what you see doesn’t apply anymore. Zoho CRM updates its system so regularly that YouTube video creators can’t keep up.

What you need:

A go-to place where you’ll find updated, step-by-step Zoho CRM tutorials that show you exactly what you need to know without fluff.

Reason #3

You’ve relied on Zoho Support to fix your setup

If you’ve approached Zoho Support with questions like “How can I match the deal process to my business?" or “What am I missing in my setup?" then you’ve probably received a disappointing answer.

Don’t get me wrong. Zoho Support is very helpful when it comes to solving technical issues. But they aren’t business consultants that can help you with your business-specific questions.

What you need:

To understand that Zoho Support won’t help you adapt the system to your business. You can either pay a Zoho developer to do that or let me show you how you can do it yourself.

Reason #4

You’ve been taken advantage of by a developer

Working with a Zoho developer is a great way to fully customize your system (if you can spare a few thousand dollars).

The problem is that you still won’t know how your Zoho CRM system works when the developer is done. Every time you have to make a small adjustment, you have to rely on your Zoho developer again. And fork over even more money.

What you need:

To develop a thorough understanding of your Zoho CRM that allows you to ask Zoho developers the right questions, so you don’t get screwed over.

Lior is an exceptional professional and really will provide you with amazing business results! I am not tech-savvy and just want my system to work and my business to run and all the tech stuff happening as it should. I could not do this without Lior.

Dana K.

The good news is

Getting a custom Zoho App setup that takes your business to new heights doesn't have to be a painful learning curve or cost you a fortune

After working with hundreds of customers on CRM systems for over 15 years, I’ve discovered what mostbusiness owners need from Zoho CRM and where they are struggling with their setup.

Combined with my experience of using Zoho CRM for my own businesses…

I’ve developed a practical, no-BS, step-by-step approach to mastering Zoho CRM. No coding skills needed. The Zoho CRM Course is one of the courses offered by our subscription program.

What’s best is that you’ll learn Zoho CRM from two perspectives


The business side

You’ll discover why you should use certain features and the best way to leverage Zoho CRM in your business.


The tech side

You’ll know how the features work and how to set up Zoho CRM to make your life easier.

I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know – not all that Zoho CRM has to offer. You won’t waste time learning about features and apps that your business doesn’t need.

The result? You can finally eliminate the guesswork when using Zoho CRM and...

  • Automate time-consuming tasks.
  • dentify and eradicate the things that are a complete waste of time in your business.
  • Know precisely how your business is performing at all times.
  • Free up bandwidth for the value-creating activities that grow your business.
  • Feel like you’re controlling your business and not the other way around.
  • Manage your business with less stress.
  • Have more time for yourself and your family.

Zoho CRM can be an additional full-time employee in your business.

Here’s how I can help you make that happen.

The number of hours you will save yourself will not come close to what you will pay for this program!!

Michel Levesque


The Zoho CRM Course for Small Businesses

This course will teach you how to use Zoho CRM and make the most out of its functionalities to give you full control of your business.

You won’t have to depend on any Zoho developer or consultant to tell you what you need and what you should do.

This will save you tons of money and help you make even more...

Because you’ll never forget to follow up with leads again or close deals before it’s too late. Ultimately, you’ll grow as a manager and leader.

The ZOHO CRM course has been running for over 3 years already on Udemy and my website and has received 5-star reviews.

What’s included On our ZOHO CRM course (Part of the subscription package)

  • 45+ to-the-point lessons:

    The first three alone solve what most business owners get wrong in their Zoho CRM setup that costs them endless frustration.

  • Over 5 hours of material

    Most videos are under 10 minutes, covering the essential steps. There is always a bottom line, so you'll get a maximum return on your time.

  • Actionable real-world scenarios

    Everything you'll learn is practical. You can have your Zoho CRM open simultaneously to implement right away what you learn.

  • Lifetime access to updates

    I record new videos as soon as Zoho CRM changes its functionalities, so you're always in the loop.

  • Ongoing support

    If you ever get stuck, you can ask your questions in our exclusive Zoho Connect group. I answer most questions personally, and you can even connect with other business owners.

Lior's Zoho CRM course is quintessential for anyone who wants to learn how to use Zoho CRM effectively and take full advantage of the program. It goes beyond the basics. I would strongly recommend Lior to anyone who is stuck or wants to grow his business to the next level

Al Ma

Lior is simply amazing. His passion for teaching and helping others is beyond words. If you have not bought his online video course I highly recommend it. It has helped me better understand Zoho and some of its complexities

Alex Lopez

Here’s what we’ll cover in
the Zoho CRM Course in detail (online Q&A included in the subscription)

Basics and Setup

Every system needs a solid foundation! But I noticed that 99% of my clients’ CRM systems didn’t have the proper basic setup. Some had no backups. Some had their emails go to spam. Some granted their employees way too many permissions that put the entire business at risk.

This section will give you a simple step-by-step approach to configure your Zoho CRM the right way. With the proper foundation, you can grow


Out of the box, Zoho CRM comes with great modules such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals and more. But the biggest power of Zoho CRM is the ability to tailor it to your needs. If you don’t customize your Zoho CRM, you’ll be missing out on a lot of what it has to offer.

In this section, you’ll learn how to create new modules that will give your business more flexibility. And how to extend existing modules and connect different records in your Zoho CRM.

Importing Data

Once your modules are customized, and your Zoho CRM is set up, it’s time to import all of your data. Attempting this by yourself can cost you a lot of time and frustration (and even money when you have to pay a consultant to do it for you).

In this section, you’ll learn how to import data from any CRM or Excel to Zoho CRM. With this step-by-step approach, you’ll be all set to use the system to its fullest potential.

Backup & Restore

One of the most stressful events for a business owner is finding out that your data was damaged because of hacking, misconduct, or an honest employee mistake. If no one activated your backups, all your company data will be gone with no way of getting it back.

Setting up backups is a step you shouldn’t ever skip! In this section, you,ll learn how to create backups in a secure way and restore your data if you ever need to recover it.

The Sales Cycle

One of the most important duties of a CRM system is to manage your sales, making sure that no leads fall through the cracks. Many business owners learn the hard way that you can’t afford to not follow up on leads and close deals consistently.

In this section, you’ll learn what an effective sales cycle looks like and how it works in Zoho CRM. You’ll create a productive sales process that you and your sales team can execute and control easily.

The Money Cycle

Running your accounting separate from your CRM opens your business up to a world of confusion and fear of an audit. You want to be certain that no money is lost in your business. For example, when a vendor requests payment, you need to know if this transaction is justified. And when you have inventory, your transactions need to affect your inventory levels accordingly.

In this section, you’ll learn how your business can benefit from using a proper money cycle. Find out how the after-sale process works, how to track your money, and how to work with products, purchase orders, sales orders, and invoices in Zoho CRM.

Efficient Work Habits

Every day, I meet business owners who have worked with Zoho CRM for years and beat themselves up once they realize that they’ve been missing out on great functionalities. They’ve lost so much time because they didn’t know how to use Zoho CRM efficiently.

In this section, you’ll learn how to save time in Zoho CRM by filtering records, creating custom views, quickly accessing the latest records, and more. Basically, you’ll become a Zoho productivity ninja.

Migrating Your Data From Any CRM Into Zoho

Migrating data is not fun. I want to save you from wasting time trying to learn which tools to use and how to migrate data efficiently.

This section will teach you how to bring your data from a 3rd party CRM into Zoho. You’ll significantly shorten the time it takes to migrate so you can spend your day on other activities.

Email Templates

Have you been writing emails from scratch every time you’re contacting leads or customers? With email templates, you can fire off pre-written messages in a matter of seconds.

This section will teach you how to create high-converting email templates that you can use repeatedly. You’ll learn how to use dynamic values and customize an email template for each of your team members without creating separate individual templates.

Automation – the Holy Grail

Imagine what you could achieve if the majority of your processes were running automatically in the background. This wouldn’t only reduce human errors and painful rework, but also save money on manpower and more.

In this section, you’ll learn about Zoho CRM automations such as Blueprints, Workflows, Assignment Rules, Approval Process, and more. Tap into the holy grail and run your business (almost) without lifting a finger.

Bonus Module: Zoho CRM

This section will show you how to take advantage of the different Zoho CRM applications such as Zoho Bookings, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Sign, and more. New lessons are added all the time.

I am new to Zoho and recently signed up for Lior's course. The course has been incredibly valuable, saving me from many frustrating hours trying to figure out a new software. The content is clear and precise and well thought out. I can highly recommend Lior and his courses to anyone

Adrian Conney

Look no further this is the course you need!!!

Margot Coppin

Lior makes Zoho easy. Worth every penny!!

Steve Michaels

Your 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

My promise to you is simple.

Follow our courses lessons, implement what you learn in your Zoho apps, and reach out when you need some extra support.

If you still don’t feel confident in your Zoho setup, I insist that you email to get a refund within 30 days.

Why am I so confident doing this? Well, in over 3 years that this course has been available, I’ve received two refund requests.

This course is a perfect match for someone setting up Zoho CRM for the first time

Teresa Strickland
Now, you might be asking yourself

Why should I trust this guy?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

I’ve been in business since I was 10 years old. I started by purchasing bagels on the street and selling them to bankers a few doors down for double the price. Since then, I’ve come a long way.

Over the years, I developed web design, development, marketing, and security companies, all of which were successful despite being part of an extremely competitive market. Other businesses began to notice the success of my process and philosophy, and I began to take on a more consultative role.

It sounds cliche, but I’m passionate about helping people, especially small business owners, succeed. It took me years to get a stable business, and I feel the pain of business owners trying to do the same.

Today, I’m not only a teacher. I implement what I preach on a daily basis in my own businesses. And as a Zoho partner, I’m working directly with the Zoho team to give feedback and constantly improve the system for you.

Bottom line, I not only know the ins and outs of Zoho CRM but also how to run a successful business.

Working with Lior is amazing. His understanding of Zoho is complete and he has the ability to give it over at the appropriate Zoho user level. Thank you Lior - you have been a big part in changing the face of our company.

Mark Lasarow

Lior is an excellent partner. In a very short period of time, through his CRM course, YouTube videos and live Q & A sessions, we have started on the correct path of setting up CRM, and are looking forward to integrating many of the Zoho CRM apps. His straightforward approach and high level of expertise is most welcome.

Start Making Videos

Lior is one of the best people I have dealt with. Very honest and upfront with results and expectations. He knows his stuff well and the results are great.

Dr. Mike Forman

Lior Izik deserves a standing ovation for the amount of work that he has put into his free and paid training videos

Anna Gibson

Still Undecided?

7 ways to know you’re ready to take control of your business with our subscription packages

  • 1

    You’re setting up Zoho CRM for the first time and want to be sure that you NAIL IT right out of the gates by using only the proven processes that have benefited hundreds of business owners before you.

  • 2

    You’ve been trying to make Zoho CRM work for you for weeks or months, but without much success. The system is overwhelming and confusing. You’re spinning your wheels without making progress.

  • 3

    You know how powerful Zoho CRM is and what doors will open up once it’s properly working in your business. Imagine the free time you’ll have once Zoho automations take the repetitive tasks off your hands.

  • 4

    You’re ready to invest a few hours into understanding Zoho CRM and your setup as long as you know that every bit of energy is a strategic and meaningful step toward gaining control of your business.

  • 5

    In fact, you’re already investing time in figuring out Zoho CRM. But free YouTube videos, Zoho Support, and trial and error haven’t gotten you very far.

  • 6

    You care about making your business future-proof. How long do you think companies will survive that rely on paper or Excel sheets to manage their business? Digitizing your processes with one of the most powerful CRMs on the market means preparing yourself for the future.

  • 7

    You feel confident grabbing your login, knowing that you have 30 days to try out the course. Either you’ll finally get your Zoho setup right and implement the automations you’ve been longing for … or you shoot me a message, and I’ll happily refund your money.

If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least three of the points above, then I can’t wait to meet you inside the Zoho CRM Course.

I received far more value than I expected. The pace of Lior's explanation and instruction made understanding very easy as well as enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the future results I'll get from implementing what I've learned as well as increasing my knowledge base

C. Kiadii

The Truth is...

8 out of 10 business owners reading this will “think about it”, bury this page among 15 other Chrome tabs, and then convince themselves that they can figure out Zoho CRM on their own

I’ve seen this happen countless times.

They’ll continue to struggle, use Zoho CRM in a mediocre way, and eventually hire a consultant to set it up for them.

Not only have they lost time that they could have leveraged to grow their business with automated processes…

But they’ll also need to pay a hefty amount of hard-earned cash to a consultant without fully understanding what this person is actually doing in their system.

And whenever they need to make a change in Zoho CRM, they’ll have to go back to the consultant and pay even more.

I sincerely hope that this isn’t going to be you!

I'm giving you all the information and support you need to make Zoho CRM work for you.

Take control of your business and be prepared to see it soar.

get instant access

Lior has been the absolute best thing that has happened to our business!

Mandi Pelazzio

Definitely highly recommended!!!! Lior's energy and insight was very fascinating and positive. He was amazing, outstanding and simply brilliant. We learned so much thanks to his expertise. THANK YOU Lior!!!

Glenn Ting

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