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Business Automation

Automated workflows can run your sales, marketing, and customer support. Thus, replacing manual processes to get more done!

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Ongoing Support

ABR offers ongoing support through various channels such as phone, email, chat, or a support portal to help customers with any issues they encounter.

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Let Us Be Your Zoho Partner

We provides businesses with expertise in automation technology, customized solutions, and ongoing support to solve business problems.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Our 5-star reviews on Google, Upwork, and Zoho Partner pages speak to the trust our clients have in us.

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Zoho Customization

Why can we offer affordable prices? We already have the code written for almost any possible Zoho customization!

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Zoho Consultant

Lior Izik is a certified Zoho partner and Zoho developer who knows the system inside out and works directly with the Zoho team.

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If you are new to Zoho or...

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Let us show you how you can make the most out of the best value-for-money CRM.

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Having a reliable Zoho partner makes your life easier - and it doesn't cost you anything!

When you assign us as your Zoho partner, we will have your back and can proactively solve any problems that come up.

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Real Estate Industry Acquisto Real Estate
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Healthcare Industry Colorado Medical Solutions
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Real Estate Industry Stephanie Lerner
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Trust a Zoho expert and veteran in business

I’m Lior Izik,

and I have built several businesses from scratch without funding and sold them at a profit. Therefore, I know a thing or two about running a successful company.

For more than 15 years, I've built hundreds of CRM systems for my clients to help them automate their processes, save manpower, and manage their business with less stress.

As a certified Zoho partner and Zoho developer, I know the system inside out. Moreover, I'm working directly with the Zoho team to give feedback and continuously improve the system for you!

You can be SURE that we UNDERSTAND your business needs and MAP them perfectly to your Zoho CRM.

Some of the companies Lior has worked with

The Voice Of Our Customers!

Ari Arenstein Google Reviews

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value!

Reselling Augmentend Reality SaaS Platform Upwork Reviews

Lior will give a 100% amazing service!

Realplaces Zoho Review

Lior knows the platform inside and out. But thats not why you use him. He gets to understand our business and helps make the right decisions regarding how to best use the platform to get the results you are looking for and scale

Mickey Blayvas Google Reviews

Very professional approach.

Reselling Augmentend Reality SaaS Platform Upwork Reviews

Lior acts quickly. He is super pragmatic and focuses on true business goals.

RepairCare Zoho Reviews

Thank you for designing an unbeatable crm for our business.

Vincenzo Spennato Google Reviews

Simply amazing.... words can't express the value and the learning!

Zoho CRM Expert - Setup CRM for services company Upwork Reviews

Lior was amazing! He had the business, operational, and technical expertise to help us through the task. It was very easy to communicate with him throughout the process - he took the time in the beginning to understand our needs in details, which made the execution spotless.

BOB Zoho Reviews

Lior Izik delivers value from the start. He doesn't waste your time with lengthy interviews or empty promises. Every minute spent with him is time well spent whether you're watching his videos or getting a live consultation. We got our ROI literally in the first ten minutes of knowing Lior.

muskokan walker Google Reviews

Very informative and interesting! Well articulated and presented in an animated, yet professional style.

Small Zoho CRM Implementation Upwork Reviews

Lior was fantastic to work with. He accommodated my schedule, talked my needs through with me, and showed me what I needed to do to get up & running on Zoho CRM. He's highly recommended.

Owner Built Design, LLC Zoho Reviews

Lior has been a pleasure to work with and is very competent in his efforts. We've been able to communicate well and get all that I expected completed very quickly. His level of expertise is greatly appreciated and I feel good about the progress we've made so far. He started out with helping me set up CRM and Forms for lead scheduling of calls/appointments, then some Zaps to parse emails and create tasks from them. Now we're onto Projects and Campaigns. He is definitely helping me automate my business and leverage the technology of Zoho's automation to make my workflow stress free.

eleonora andretta Google Reviews

If you are looking for expert advice, real insight, and genuine interest: Lior is the guy for you!

Zoho Creator Rental Inventory App Upwork Reviews

Was great working with him. I plan on continuing to use his services as we grow with our Application.

Edwards Estate Agents Zoho Reviews

Extremely knowledgeable and always quick to respond to questions. 100% recommended.

Jason Spilberg Google Reviews

I really enjoyed this book. I read it in one sitting on a flight to China and was able to take away some great information and useful tools.

Zoho Functionality Upwork Reviews

Lior is excellent!! His technical ability far surpassed my expectations and his communications skills and recommendations based on his past job experience helped me accomplish what I needed. Thank you Lior!! Will definitely use again!!!

Agency Flight Plan Zoho Reviews

Lior provides exactly what his Company name claims to provide: Amazing Business Results! I am a new Zoho One user and was very overwhelmed at first. So-much-so, I had almost decided to stay with my old system that really did not work for me. But it was familiar to me and felt easier than relearning a new system that still did not seem to be able to do what I needed it to do. To me, Zoho felt very complicated to learn and I felt I was going to have to learn to be a computer programmer if I wanted to make Zoho work for me, and I did not have time for that and to be able to do my job as well. I stumbled onto one of Lior’s training videos and he really made it seem easy to work within Zoho. So, I decided to stick around and give Zoho another try. Then I reached out to Lior at Amazing Business Results and asked for some one-on-one help, and he has been amazing! In 30 minutes, he did what would have taken me days to figure out on my own. He is very professional and so patient. He has been able to help create for me and my team a system that feels like it was built just for us (well I guess it kind of was). There is no way that I would have stuck with Zoho, if not for Lior’s help. I would have continued to search for a system that could do what I needed it to do and spend a ton more money, and time that I didn’t have, to try and find something that kind of maybe could work. Now, I don’t have to settle and I’m grateful for that. Thanks Lior! I’m truly a raving fan!!!

Christina Torres Google Reviews

I work with Lior! He is an amazing boss!

Next Steps Upwork Review

Lior knows his stuff, understood my business requirements, and was good at getting me comfortable using Zoho CRM in a way that I need to be using it. Zoho Reviews

He has some great videos on YouTube that helped with CRM and other apps too!

Diana Taha Google Reviews

Perfect support, excellent understanding, and great communication. It was a great experience to get our CRM modifications done easily.

Zoho CRM Plus Customization for Real Estate Upwork Review

Easily the best Zoho Developer I've worked with to date - or Developer in general. Prime example of you get what you pay for. Fixed an absolute mess caused by previous developers in a very short time frame and helped to optimize our internal sales process in ways I didn't even know were possible. Thanks Lior!

Sean Zoho Reviews

Lior is a great teacher and he truly wants your business to succeed. He implements a very simple approach and loves educating his clients and the general populace about how to improve their business processes. Highly recommended.

William Rau Google Reviews

One of the best Zoho Partners and Instructors you will find on the market. His course and knowledge are pure value!

Zoho One Setup Upwork Review

Lior is great to work with. He has guided and helped me with a very complicated Zoho One implementation including CRM and many of the other apps. He does what he says on time. Give him a shot and you will be glad.

Lift & care Systems Zoho Reviews

I’ve been following Lior for several months. As a new Zoho One user, I find his videos on YouTube great and very helpful with detail that makes it easy to understand. I also took his zoho class. It was great and methodical!

Anderson Ruysam Google Reviews

Lior is an amazing person and professional!! We highly recommend him!!

Zoho Sales Setup Upwork Review

Great experience. highly recommended!

Stephanie Lerner Homes Zoho Reviews

I am a real estate agent that was referred by one of Lior’s existing clients! He helped me structure my CRM to facilitate all my real estate needs! Lior is always available to give support and really cares to make sure his clients are happy! I highly recommend his services!

Corey Thompson Google Reviews

Lior is transparent, honest, and very knowledgeable in both technology and business growth and development.

Custom ZOHO project Upwork Review

Amazing work. Will definitely use Lior's services again.

WORQOUT Zoho Reviews

The only partner that actually WORKS!!! Lior is absolutely the best of the best. Thank you so much!

Aviv Turgeman Google Reviews

Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. Lior, without a doubt, you possess all three. Thank you for your help !

Zoho Developer for App Set-Up Upwork Review

Lior is a pleasure to work with and a master of his field. He is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and patient. Working with him is an overall great experience! Our project experienced setbacks (through no fault of his own) and he worked to make sure everything would be ready as efficiently as possible. He made explanatory videos that ensured that those in our organization would understand the changes made to our system so that we could work effectively in the future. I would absolutely hire Lior again in a heartbeat; there is simply nobody out there who is better at what he does.

KimbleLabs Zoho Reviews

Lior provides thorough and practical explanation and application of Zoho concepts. He's entertaining and has good production quality to his videos. Looking forward to more posts!


Zoho Support Packages

Amazing Business Results' support plan includes Zoho Customization and Zoho Training services. Once you subscribe to a support plan, you will be assigned to an account manager. Your account manager will be your main point of contact and will receive your requests to determine who is the best resource to assist you at that time. Our technical assistance is available 5 days a week, 9am-6pm EDT across all channels: live chat, online meetings, phone, and email.

Our support package can be used to assist in most aspects of your company. From Zoho CRM setup to creating custom automations, as well as, initiating an integration or creating a custom function. We are happy to assist with any request that we can execute as these are only a handful of services that are included.

** Unused hours can be used in the following months.

Feature Silver Gold Diamond
Monthly Credits 40 60 80
Zoho Apps Support
Zoho Development (setup, configuration and implementation)
Zoho Architecture (design new business processes)
Zoho Quality Assurance Team (code testing)
Zoho One Administration Services
Zoho training on Zoho apps (user training)
24/7 Access to Our Online Courses Library
Weekly Live Extensions Workshop (training and configuration)
Weekly Live Zoho Enhancement Sessions with a company executive
Alerts for Updates and New Features in Zoho
First Priority to ABR's Zoho productivity Updates
System inspection (failed apis, broken automation, automation usage) Every 3
Monitor if Employees are Using Zoho Effectivley
Error Log that Alerts our Team to Fix any Errors
Taking Zoho CRM Data Backups Every
Every 2
Advise Business Processes Based on Best Practices
Priority Scheduling
Live ABR support Directly from your CRM
Early Access to All New ABR Extensions
System Health Check
Zoho Team Lead
Zoho Project Manager
Zoho Analytics Reports

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