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Case Study

Colorado Medical Solutions


Can You Use Zoho CRM as an EMR?
Find Out How Colorado Medical Solutions Did

Executive Summary

Colorado Medical Solutions is one of the most proactive and innovative clinics in the core of Denver, Colorado. Having spent years in the healthcare industry, CMS realized a need to improve patient data management and clinical operations. After thoroughly searching the market, they chose to use Zoho CRM as ERM with the help of our partner Lior. Having gained access to Lior's solution, Colorado Medical Solutions has now been able to pave the pathway for other clinicians in the medical industry.


Like every other industry, the healthcare industry does not fall behind in becoming technologically advanced. Colorado Medical Solutions is a living example of one of the most prominent sectors benefiting from cutting-edge technological solutions.

Being in the healthcare industry means having access to unlimited data. And not effectively managing that data is a recipe for disaster. Colorado Medical Solutions acknowledged this issue within their organization and realized they needed to solve it.

The Business

Founded by Dr. Jones, DC, Colorado Medical Solutions is a modern clinical practice located in Colorado, Denver. As the name suggests, CMS emphasizes providing clients with medical solutions to improve their overall health by identifying symptoms that often go unnoticed. The organization offers a wide range of services but specializes in anti-aging and pain-management solutions.

The Challlenge

Client management and administration can be pretty challenging for healthcare practices. Accessing customer and prospect data and effectively communicating that information throughout the organization can be a significant drain on resources, time, and energy.

Colorado Medical Solutions used two different systems at the time, namely CRM and EMR, to manage the practice. They realized both systems were similar in their activities and only needed customization to fill specific gaps.

Finding a solution

Having that realization, Dr. John started seeking an umbrella solution that would allow them to carry out all the tasks under the same roof. After coming across various CRM models such as Salesforce, Colorado Medical Solutions chose Zoho for their business.

They wanted a highly-customizable CRM to manage their end-to-end customer lifecycle in a much more productive manner.

Dr. Jones said, "I was lucky enough for somebody to have introduced me to Zoho. I knew salesforce is like the goliath in the industry but what attracted me to Zoho was the customizability of it" Implementation and Results

CMS has also previously worked with another company to learn more about CRM. However, their experience with them hadn't been great, so they shifted toward Zoho. Dr. Jones described working with us as the bridge to connect CRM and EMR for his organization.

Implemation and Results

Incorporating Zoho CRM Plus in Colorado Medical Solutions has done wonders for the medical practice. The system hasn't only decreased the usage of time, energy, and resources but has also improved the communication channels throughout the organization at every touchpoint. The customer's lifecycles stages are now all under the safe roof - making the workflow smoother and more efficient.

Due to better and more effective customer data management, Colorado Medical Solutions is now looking forward to the expansion. According to Dr. Jones, "The benefit of having everything under one umbrella or one roof is that you can efficiently use your time and resources for expansion. So I am expanding now by involving Zoho from the very beginning."

Zoho.s customizability helps it stand out the most. "We created a series of messages tailored towards each lead type. That's a game changer because when you have a pain patient, you want them to have messages related to pain instead of hormonal imbalance. It is a powerful thing to do that." said Dr. Jones.

We have seen the difference between general e-mails and customized ones. Since we have started sending personalized messages to the rightful group of prospects and customers, there has been a higher conversion rate.

What would you say about Zoho to
people considering it an option?

"Medical doctors don't want to use two systems, so they are just stuck with the EMR, which is not a CRM, so they're losing all the automation and marketing data which is huge damage to the business. I think Zoho is the bridge for that gap, and it can take your medical practice to a whole different level."

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Lior is one of the best people I have dealt with. Very honest and upfront with results and expectations. He knows his stuff well and the results are great.

Dr. Mike Forman