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Transform Your Lead Management
with the ABR Complete Leads
System for Zoho CRM:

An Efficient and Cutting-Edge Solution to Enhance
and Optimize Your Leads Journey

Imagine a future where every member of your sales team works like your #1 salesperson! When leads come in, they are contacted immediately. If a lead is unavailable, multiple follow-ups are scheduled. Salespeople gather all the essential information requested by management. It may sound like a dream, but our Leads extension is designed to turn this dream into reality.

Converting a lead that answers a phone call is the easy part. The real challenge arises when you have leads that are too busy to respond promptly. Over the years, we have witnessed countless businesses lose substantial amounts of money because their sales teams failed to call or follow up with leads on time, or not at all. Our extension creates healthy processes that guide salespeople through every step. Failure to follow these processes triggers alerts, enabling management to address any issues proactively using the “Slackers" report.

Addressing Pain
Points Effectively

  • Time-Intensive Training: Lengthy training processes make it challenging to assess whether salespeople underperform due to skills or complex sales processes.
  • Losing Track of Leads: Our system prevents salespeople from missing important leads, allowing them to focus on high-priority prospects. The sales people are always occupied with answering phones and checking emails that they miss the important follow-ups with leads.
  • Unanswered Leads: Salespeople are empowered to connect with all contacts. Therefore, ensuring no valuable leads are left untouched. The system prevents salespeople from feeling overwhelmed by offering a unified view, enabling them to track easily and follow up with leads who have contacted them.
  • Preventing Mishaps: With our extension, salespeople won’t drop the ball on new or existing leads, promoting accountability.
  • Efficient Note Taking and Follow-Up Management: Maintain organized notes for each lead, simplifying the follow-up process.
  • Enhanced Management Insight: Gain valuable data through comprehensive reports. This empowers managers to identify top-performing salespeople and areas for improvement.
  • Resolving Varied Personal Approaches: Our system resolves this by offering a standardized step-by-step approach, ensuring sales staff follow a unified method for improved consistency and results.

Benefits of ABR Complete Leads System:

The complete leads system is a plug and play system generated by ABR. Let us
show you the purpose of the system and why you need it:

Simplified Lead System: We create a step-by-step process that transforms a complex lead cycle into a straightforward one. Your salespeople are required to follow our system's instructions, ensuring consistency and efficiency. Therefore, it's the same process across all sales people.

Personalized Leads View: Each employee works with a unique Leads view, displaying all scheduled follow-ups for the day. This streamlined view becomes the main screen the salesperson interacts with, optimizing productivity. This means that the sales people can manage their leads based on the lead follow up and what they should focus on.

AI-Powered Automation: Leads slipping through the cracks become a thing of the past. The system ensures that every lead is diligently tracked unless marked as Converted (to a Deal) or lost. For example, the automation can be done for emails, meetings, social media, and text messages. So, the sales people have one view based on the activity of those channels, and our system is helping them stay focused on what's important.

Streamlined Lead Process: We simplify the lead process, ensuring smooth navigation for even the most complex scenarios.

Intuitive Dashboard: Our user-friendly Dashboard empowers salespeople to focus on what truly matters, prioritizing major tasks over minor details.

Seamless Integrations: Our advanced Leads extension seamlessly integrates with your emails, social media messages, phone calls, text messages, and appointments. Updates from these platforms are pushed to the leads system, enabling efficient lead management.

Automated Communication: Our extension enables automation of emails, text messages, and it is more based on specific business scenarios, such as unresponsive leads or lost leads. The system gives the sales person the ability to send sms and email based on your preference. This will increase productivity by using automated responses based on lead status. For example, if follow up was done and the lead is not responsive, then the sales person's leads list will be updated accordingly.

Unifying Insights for
Enhanced Performance

We believe that this is a game-changing solution designed to amplify your sales endeavors. Our innovative approach offers a cohesive view that harmonizes your team's efforts, fostering focused collaboration while simplifying the intricacies of managing diverse perspectives.

Meeting-Focused Perspective:Your team gains a comprehensive understanding of each lead's journey, facilitating more informed and effective engagement.

Task Clarity and Progress: By consolidating all created tasks into one view, our solution eradicates the need for toggling between different platforms. Your team benefits from a clear overview of assigned tasks, priorities, and deadlines, enabling streamlined task management and execution.

Optimized Call Management: Effortlessly manage call requirements with our unified view. Your team can conveniently access and oversee the calls needed for various leads. This streamlined process ensures no valuable prospect is overlooked, and your team maximizes opportunities for impactful connections.

Comprehensive Leads System
Extended Warranty Information

Continuous Enrichment for the Complete Leads System:Ongoing updates and upgrades are seamlessly integrated.

Guaranteed Satisfaction with Limited Warranty:Our commitment ensures that we will address any issues with the leads system, provided there have been no external developer alterations.

Unrestricted Weekly Training Sessions Inclusive:Engage in weekly webinars for comprehensive support, custom updates, and addressing any inquiries.

Who's Behind
The ABR Complete
Leads System?

At Amazing Business Results, we specialize in crafting custom, automated business solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our expertise lies in understanding your unique business requirements and translating them into exceptional Zoho systems.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive Zoho development and training services to ensure seamless system adoption.

Free Premium
Support and Webinars

We prioritize your onboarding experience and offer white-glove service to all customers, including those on trial versions. Our team assists with installation, configuration, maintenance, and extending the product functionality, free of charge. Join our CTO’s weekly webinars every Wednesday at 1 pm EDT to explore real-world use cases and get your questions answered.

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Revision History

Version Released Date Features
2023.1.3, 4th July 2023 Hanging Dialogs
On Windows, Capture could hang temporarily in dialogs that have been open for several minutes. Throws Light
2023.1.4, 4th July 2023 Hanging Dialogs
On Windows, Capture could hang temporarily in dialogs that have been open for several minutes. Throws Light
2023.1.2, 20th June 2023 MVR Import
Support for GDTF 1.2 and GLB geometry files has been added. MVR Export
2023.1.5, 20th June 2023 MVR Import
Support for GDTF 1.2 and GLB geometry files has been added. MVR Export


  • What is ABR Complete Leads System, and how can it benefit my business?

    ABR Complete Leads System is a powerful Zoho CRM extension designed to revolutionize your leads process. It streamlines lead management, automates follow-ups, and ensures that no lead slips through the cracks. By optimizing your sales team's efforts, it helps boost conversion rates and overall sales growth.

  • How does the Leads extension simplify the lead cycle for our sales team?

    Our extension creates a step-by-step process that guides your salespeople through the lead cycle. It provides clear instructions, ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed, leading to consistent and efficient lead management.

  • Can you explain the "Slackers" report feature and how it helps management?

    The "Slackers" report highlights salespeople who are not following the prescribed lead management processes. This invaluable feature allows management to address any potential issues proactively and ensure accountability among the team.

  • How does ABR Complete Leads System enhance our sales team's productivity?

    With the personalized Leads view for each salesperson, they can easily access all scheduled follow-ups for the day. This streamlined view becomes their main screen, enabling them to focus on high-priority tasks and be more productive.

  • How does the AI and automation feature prevent leads from falling through the cracks?

    Our extension leverages AI and automation to track leads diligently. The system ensures that leads are not forgotten, except when they are marked as Converted (to a Deal) or lost.

  • Can you explain how the integration with emails, social media, phone calls, and appointments works?

    The advanced Leads extension seamlessly integrates with your emails, social media messages, phone calls, text messages, and appointments. It consolidates updates from these platforms into one page, making it easy to respond to leads and maintain efficient communication.

  • How does ABR's Complete Leads System address the challenge of training new salespeople?

    Our extension simplifies the lead process and creates straightforward workflows. This significantly reduces training time, enabling you to assess a salesperson's true performance based on skills rather than complex processes.

  • Does the Leads extension help prevent salespeople from losing track of important leads?

    Yes, absolutely! The system ensures that salespeople do not miss essential leads, allowing them to prioritize and focus on leads with the most potential.

  • Can you elaborate on the automation of emails, text messages, and other communications?

    ABR's Complete Leads System allows you to automate communication based on various business scenarios. For example, you can set up automated emails for unresponsive leads or create text message sequences for follow-ups.

  • How does the extension's Dashboard aid salespeople in their daily tasks?

    Our user-friendly Dashboard presents salespeople with critical information, enabling them to concentrate on crucial tasks and major opportunities rather than getting bogged down by minor details.

  • Is the Complete Leads System extension available for a free trial, allowing me to test its functionality?

    This system is customized for each company, and it will need to be architected, developed, and then training will be involved.