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Sure, working with a Zoho developer is a great way to customize your system.

But you still won't know how your Zoho CRM works when the developer is done.

And every time you have to make a small adjustment, you have to rely on your Zoho developer again (and pay them even more money).

Zoho isn't like any other software. It's the heart of your business.

Your CRM is too important to let a third party manage it for you. You need to understand it yourself.

We're here to help you master Zoho and gain independence.

When you develop a thorough understanding of your Zoho CRM, you can ask developers the right questions and avoid getting screwed over.

This will require some work on your end. But it's well worth it!


The practical, no-BS, step-by-step approach to mastering Zoho CRM

Set up your Zoho CRM without a painful learning curve, coding skills, or spending a fortune on a Zoho developer.

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I am new to Zoho and recently signed up for Lior's course. The course has been incredibly valuable, saving me from many frustrating hours trying to figure out a new software. The content is clear and precise and well thought out. I can highly recommend Lior and his courses to anyone

Adrian Conney

“Lior's Zoho CRM course is quintessential for anyone who wants to learn how to use Zoho CRM effectively and take full advantage of the program. It goes beyond the basics. I would strongly recommend Lior to anyone who is stuck or wants to grow his business to the next level."

Al Ma

Zoho Forms Course

Easily collect information from your leads and customers

Forms are an essential part of your sales process.
Make the most out of this powerful Zoho feature.

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How to generate 100s of good reviews online

Raving reviews from satisfied customers are the best marketing messages

Learn the simple process to automate collecting great reviews from your customers.

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Youtube Channel

Free tutorials and training about all aspects of Zoho

New videos published every week

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Weekly Questions and Answers Session

Do you have any questions regarding the business world or the Zoho platform? I would be delighted to provide you with answers. Just fill out the form below...

Lior is simply amazing. His passion for teaching and helping others is beyond words. If you have not bought his online video course I highly recommend it. It has helped me better understand Zoho and some of its complexities

Alex Lopez

Just signed up for Zoho?

Having a reliable Zoho partner makes your life easier - and it doesn't cost you anything!

When you assign us as your Zoho partner, we'll have your back and can proactively solve any problems that come up.

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