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Do you find yourself wondering how your clock suddenly shows 5 pm when so much on your to-do list is still left unchecked?

No wonder, because you’ve spent all day...

Fixing a critical mistake one of your employees made on a client’s file.

Salvaging a promising lead that had gone cold because your team forgot to follow up.

And explaining for the umpteenth time to everyone how you want invoicing to be done.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

So what’s the solution? Well, a solution is worthless if you don’t know what the problem is.

The problem: manual processes with too much leeway

When you just started out, Microsoft Excel and good old pen and paper were enough to manage your business.

But as you’ve grown your team, these tools are now limiting you (and any further growth).

There’s no easy way to keep track of your leads and deals. You have to trust your employees to do the right things and stay organized.

But more often than not, you need to intervene and double (and triple) check that they complete all tasks and nothing falls through the cracks.

That’s not how you envisioned your life as a business owner.

There’s another way, though...


Run your business (almost) without lifting a finger

The “secret” is to replace your manual processes with automated workflows that run your sales, marketing, and customer support for you practically on autopilot.

Sounds impossible?

Well, it’s more than possible with the right system in place.

Software can execute your business processes in the exact way you designed them. And guide your team by assigning tasks and even fully automate routine actions.

Here are just a few processes you can automate:

  • Show your salespeople which leads they need to contact on any given day while not overwhelming them with leads that don’t need follow-up.
  • Schedule meetings and remind prospects and clients to show up. Your team won’t be waiting and wasting time anymore.
  • Qualify new leads automatically in the background by letting your sales people ask exactly the same questions and record the answers.
  • Define how many times your salespeople need to contact a lead before they can declare it dead.
  • Remind team members when it’s time to get back in touch with clients to earn repeat business.
  • Ensure your team follows up on all quotes they sent out to close the deals. Too many businesses leave money on the table by not following up.
  • Have full visibility as a manager of what’s going on with your leads, deals, and sales.

Automating your processes saves you money (and helps you make more)

  • Fix lead leakage and close more deals because no one will ever forget to follow up with a lead again
  • Work faster. What took 10 minutes can now be done in 30 seconds
  • Standardize your processes and make it easy for your team to follow them
  • Save your energy and mental capacity for the things that truly move the needle in your business
  • Reduce mistakes and rework with error-proof,
    automated processes
  • Free up time to pursue the rowth opportunities you’ve been dreaming of
Now that you know how great automation is, how can you actually automate your sales and marketing processes?
Well, you could do it yourself, but that would take hours...and probably cause you a headache.
Or you can get us to do it for you.

Our job is to translate your business needs into the right automations

For that to happen, we’ll capture, analyze, and optimize your processes first.

Work with the software you prefer

We don’t want to sell you on any particular CRM or automation system. We’ll work with what you’ve got or can recommend a software that fits your needs.

Here’s what other businesses have
to say about our automation solution

Our clients saved up to 35% of their advertising budget because our automations showed them which marketing campaign was the winner and let them close more deals.

Lior is an exceptional professional and really will provide you with amazing business results! I am not tech-savvy and just want my system to work and my business to run and all the tech stuff happening as it should. I could not do this without Lior

Dana K.

Working with Lior is amazing. His understanding of Zoho is complete and he has the ability to give it over at the appropriate Zoho user level. Thank you Lior - you have been a big part in changing the face of our company.

Mark Lasarow

Lior is one of the best people I have dealt with. Very honest and upfront with results and expectations. He knows his stuff well and the results are great.

Dr. Mike Forman

Our 5-step process to automation bliss

  • Complimentary consultation: Within only 15 min, you’ll have an idea of how we could automate your business processes and how this can look like in practice.
  • Proposal: Based on your needs, we’ll send over the paperwork and collect 50% of the project fee upfront.
  • Solution: We’ll meet to capture your business needs so we can map out your automation in all details. Before moving to execution, we’ll get your approval on the final blueprint.
  • Execution:
    If you’re using Zoho:
    Our developer will create a beta version of your automation that you can test drive. If everything works, we’ll move on to the final step.If you’re using a different CRM: We’ll work with your developer to guarantee the flawless execution of your automations in your system.
  • Delivery & training: Your automations go live, and we’ll teach your team how to use the system

This is perfect for business owners who...

  • Know that digitized, automated processes can give them an edge over their competition
  • Run a service business with at least $X in revenue per year
  • Are willing to invest in solving their
    problems (automations start from USD 1,495)

But, this isn’t the right fit for business owners who..

  • Are unwilling to change and adapt
  • Are happy with their unautomated systems and prefer paper-based processes
  • Won’t trust experts like us and second-guess our recommendations

Book your free
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Tell us what you’d like to achieve. We see if we’re a
good fit. And in just half an hour, you could be on your
way to solving a pressing business problem once and for all.

Let’s do this!