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ABR Merge Duplicates Extension
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Eliminate Duplicates, Enhance Efficiency

Welcome to the future of CRM data management with the ABR Merge Duplicates Extension, proudly developed by Amazing Business Results. This cutti-edge extension is engineered to tackle one of the most pressing challenges businesses face today: duplicate records in Zoho CRM. Duplicate records not only lead to inefficiencies, with multiple employees working on the same customer, but also result in significant financial losses and customer service issues.

Our solution is designed to eliminate these problems by providing a streamlined, effective approach to managing duplicate records.


Duplicate Merging:

Our extension automatically detects and merges duplicate leads and contacts records upon their creation, saving time and reducing the manual effort required to maintain a clean database.

Merge Criteria:

Tailor the merging process to meet your business needs. Prioritize specific fields such as email, phone number, and mobile to ensure that merging is done according to your preferences.

User Interface:

Navigate through the extension with ease thanks to its user-friendly design. Whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned professional, you’ll find the interface straightforward and easy to use. In addition we offer free setup for paid and free trial customers.

Guides and Tutorials:

Get up to speed quickly with our detailed guides and tutorials. These resources are designed to help you maximize the extension’s benefits and integrate it seamlessly into your existing workflows.



By eliminating duplicate records, the ABR Merge Duplicates Extension ensures that your database remains accurate and reliable, enhancing your decision-making process.


Reduce the time and resources spent on manual data cleaning. Our automated process ensures that your team can focus on what they do best, driving your business forward.


With a single, unified view of each customer, your team can provide personalized and efficient service, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Minimize the financial impact of duplicate records. By ensuring that only unique, accurate records are maintained, you can avoid unnecessary expenditures and optimize your business operations.

Notifications :

When a duplicate is merged, the owner of the original record receives either an email or a cliq notification. This alert ensures that they are informed of the merge, allowing them to quickly return to the updated, merged lead and take appropriate action. 

Join the Movement

Say goodbye to the chaos and confusion of duplicate records. Join the myriad of
businesses enhancing their CRM efficiency with the ABR Merge Duplicates Extension.
Embrace a cleaner, more organized database and unlock the full potential of your
customer relationships. Welcome to a smoother, more productive CRM experience with
Amazing Business Results.

Steps to Install Extension
Getting Started  

Adopting the ABR Merge Duplicates Extension is simple. Our extension is designed for easy integration with your existing Zoho CRM setup, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate improvement in your CRM data management. Start your journey towards a more efficient, duplicate-free CRM experience today.

Steps to Install Extension
Getting Started  



Subscription Type:
Pricing: $19 USD* /org/month billed monthly

*Local taxes may apply based on the billing address entered at payment


Subscription Type:
Pricing: $190 USD* /org/month billed monthly

*Local taxes may apply based on the billing address entered at payment