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Why we do Zoho customization a little different

Typically, you have to provide Zoho developers with a specification document. They'll then give you a price and execute. It can take weeks before you see any results.

Here’s why that’s ineffective:

Most business owners don't know Zoho well. That's why they come to us with assumptions based on other systems they know.

But instead of blindly executing specifications that aren't leveraging Zoho's full functionalities...

We take the time to truly understand what you're trying to accomplish with the system.

With decades of business experience and an in-depth understanding of Zoho, we'll develop just the right solution for you.

Working with us means
getting results FAST

You won’t have to wait weeks to see results or pay a large amount upfront without any progress.

Together, we identify small manageable milestones that our developers can accomplish in a few hours. Only when you're happy with the result, we proceed with the next milestone.

Your advantages:
  • You’ll see progress immediately.
  • You’ll keep the flexibility to change the next milestone.
  • You’ll only pay for results and a small amount at a time.

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Lior has been the absolute best thing that has happened to our business!

Mandi Pelazzio

Benefit from our unique approach to Zoho customization

5 easy steps to your customized Zoho solution

  • Kick-off meeting: We’ll have a conversation around your business needs and decide on the most cost-effective
  • Proposal: You’ll receive an estimate of how long it will take to implement your solution and how much it will cost.
  • Execution: Once you’ve approved the proposal, the developers will get to work.
  • Results: Within a few days, your solution is ready in your system. You’ll also receive a full video walkthrough of how to use your new feature in Zoho.
  • Feedback & next steps: Once you’ve approved the milestone, we’ll tackle the next one.

Getting a customized Zoho solution is more affordable than you might think

Many business owners approach us with the understanding that customization is going to be expensive.

They're relieved to hear that most projects range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars only.

Why can we offer such affordable prices? We already have the code written for almost any possible Zoho customization. Unlike some developers, we don't charge you for pretending to write code from scratch.

A few examples of projects we’ve worked on:

  • Fully customized leads process
  • A learning management system within Zoho
  • Contract automation (service agreement, NDA)
  • Customized reporting
  • Timesheets for your team
  • And hundreds more

Looking to automate your business and have the best CRM in the world?

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Lior has been the absolute best thing that has happened to our business!

Glenn Ting