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Empowering Dental Staffing Excellence: KAD's Swift Transformation with Zoho

Executive Summary

KAD Dental Staffing, an expanding national staffing firm, focuses on connecting dental professionals with dental practices for both temporary and permanent assignments. Until 2021, they utilized a varied set of applications to manage various business processes, including recruitment, client and employee onboarding, and prospect tracking.

The previous system proved to be laborious and time-consuming, hindering their business growth. In early 2022, they came across the Zoho One platform. With the skilled guidance of Zoho partner and developer Lior Izik, they adopted the platform and have been leveraging it ever since to streamline and integrate all aspects of their business processes.

KAD Dental Staffing, leveraging various Zoho applications, underwent a rapid transformation from utilizing outdated systems to becoming adept at numerous Zoho tools. Phil, emphasizing the importance of choosing Amazing Business Results as a Zoho partner, highlights the pivotal role played by progressive technology in addressing company challenges. The transition involved a meticulous exploration of the demo version, demonstrating their commitment to thorough understanding and implementation.


In the dynamic landscape of dental staffing, KAD Dental Staffing recognized the need for a technological overhaul to address the shortcomings of their existing systems. This realization prompted a strategic partnership with Zoho, positioning Amazing Business Results as their guiding force. Phil's insights underscore the significance of fast-paced adaptation and efficiency in navigating the evolving business environment.

"Our major bottleneck centered around our onboarding process," Lindsay highlighted. New team members were required to visit their office physically and navigate through a substantial amount of paperwork. This information then had to be manually added into their system, utilizing various applications. The tedious nature of this process consumed a considerable amount of time for everyone involved. Simultaneously, their sales process faced challenges, with leads entering through the website or emails often slipping through the cracks. Despite scattered notes on engagement statuses, new recruiters joining had to invest significant time catching up and understanding how and who to follow up with. The combination of paper-based tasks and fragmented applications overwhelmed KAD Dental Staffing, hindering their business growth.

The Business

KAD Dental Staffing's journey with Zoho reflects a commitment to innovation and adaptability in the dental staffing sector. With a focus on leveraging progressive technology, they seamlessly integrated various Zoho applications to streamline their operations and enhance overall business efficiency.

Texas-based and serving the entire U.S., KAD Dental Staffing is an industry leader providing staffing for dental health care professionals. Their enthusiastic adoption of technological advancements has allowed them to devote less time to paperwork and more time to customer care and growing their business.

The Challenge

“Recruitment is the lifeblood of this business,” says Phil. Before Zoho One, the onboarding process took so long it was slowing them down from recruiting more dental professionals.

Having identified gaps in their existing systems, KAD Dental Staffing faced the challenge of transitioning from outdated technologies to progressive solutions. The imperative for a comprehensive and detailed approach became apparent, signaling the need for a transformative shift to stay competitive in the industry.

Finding a Solution

Phil and Lindsay recognized that implementing more robust technology would be instrumental in saving time and boosting earnings.

"I explored various products aiming to enhance our efficiency and accuracy," Phil explained. "Once we discovered Zoho, our search came to an end. Zoho proved to be the perfect fit for us, offering an extensive range of applications adaptable to our diverse needs. Having Lior as our Zoho partner and developer allowed us to customize these applications and extract the maximum benefit from the system."

Lindsay highlighted that they were convinced after gaining hands-on experience with the demo version. It was user-friendly, and they quickly realized there was an app for every requirement. Moreover, every app is seamlessly integrated with others and can be accessed in one centralized location.

This approach allowed them to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the system and laid the foundation for a successful implementation of Zoho One. The investment of time and effort during this phase proved crucial to their readiness for the subsequent transformation.

Implementation and Results

Armed with a deep understanding of Zoho applications, KAD Dental Staffing seamlessly implemented Zoho One, marking a significant milestone in their technological evolution. Phil proudly reflects on the remarkable progress achieved, attributing their success to a fast, efficient, and detailed approach to implementation.

“Even though we saw tons of uses for it, we decided to start slowly and build one process at a time,” says Lindsay. “This allowed us to test it and make sure it was solid.”

With Lior's assistance, they tailored and implemented Zoho Recruit to oversee and automate their recruitment cycle. Zoho Recruit initiates the creation of a job post that is subsequently shared on their website. As individuals respond to the post by completing the form and submitting their resume, the information is seamlessly transferred back to Zoho Recruit. Simultaneously, an email notification is dispatched to their hiring manager, facilitating the review of the candidate and enabling them to proceed to the next steps in the recruitment process.

They have analogous procedures established for their clients onboarding. Utilizing Zoho One, all client information is centralized, enabling them to customize job orders promptly and agreements on the spot, thereby enhancing their ability to serve clients efficiently. Phil further notes, "Zoho One has also proven invaluable in our sales process. Through Zoho CRM, we can systematically monitor and engage with all our clients and prospects."

Streamlining manual tasks has enabled Phil and Lindsay to concentrate on the strategic aspects of managing and expanding their business. As a result of their shows, website, and various marketing endeavors, KAD Dental Staffing has experienced an upswing in interest and an influx of applications. Zoho One has played a pivotal role in helping them efficiently organize and oversee these inquiries, while also facilitating the cultivation of relationships with both prospects and clients.

What would you say publicly about Zoho?

Phil, speaking on behalf of KAD Dental Staffing, commends Zoho for its instrumental role in their transformative journey. He highlights the effectiveness of Zoho applications in addressing the unique needs of their business, emphasizing the importance of choosing Amazing Business Results as a trusted Zoho partner.

They highly recommend that individuals should identify the processes requiring automation, connect with Lior Izik—a remarkable business mentor and CRM developer in the industry—and immerse themselves in the Zoho ecosystem.

Partner Bio:

Lior Izik, owner and founder of Amazing Business Results, is a Zoho Premium Partner, a Certified Zoho Developer and a Zoho Apps Trainer who knows the system inside and out.

For over 15 years, he’s built hundreds of CRM systems for his clients to help them automate their processes, save money and manage their businesses with less stress.

When you work with Lior, you get his business skill set and a Zoho Partner who can help you find the best software solution to manage and grow your business successfully.

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