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Case Study
Healthcare Industry

KAD Dental Staffing


Zoho One Has Helped Us Take the Lead in Our Industry

KAD Dental Staffing
Central and North Texas
Lindsay and Phil
Executive Summary:

KAD Dental Staffing is a growing national staffing company specializing in matching dental professionals with dental practices for temporary or permanent assignments. Through 2021 they’d been using an assorted mix of applications to handle their many business processes, such as recruiting, client and employee onboarding and prospect tracking.

That system was labor and time intensive and prevented them from growing their business. In early 2022 they discovered the Zoho One platform and, with the expert assistance of Zoho partner and developer Lior Izik, have been using it ever since to streamline and integrate all their business processes.


“Our biggest bottleneck was with our onboarding process,” says Lindsay. “A new team member had to physically come into our office and fill out a mountain of paperwork.

“This information would then have to be typed into our system in order for them to become an employee. And this system required multiple applications to capture all their information, among them QuickBooks, a payroll app and others. It was tedious and took up too much of everyone’s time.”

Another area that was in disarray was their sales process.

“Leads were coming in from our website or emails and they’d often slip through the cracks,” explains Phil. “We had notes here and there about the status of the engagement. But when a new recruiter joined us they had to spend a lot of time getting up to speed to figure out how and who to follow up with.”

Between the paper shuffling and the scattered applications, KAD Dental Staffing was inundated with manual processes that prevented them from growing their business.

The Business:

Texas-based and serving the entire U.S., KAD Dental Staffing is an industry leader providing staffing for dental health care professionals.

Enthusiastic adoption of technological advancements has allowed them to devote less time to paperwork and more time to customer care and growing their business.

KAD Dental Staffing employs over 30 people in their corporate office and is currently in an expansion mode in part due to recently joining the Zoho One business management software ecosystem.

The Challlenge

“Recruitment is the lifeblood of this business,” says Phil. “Before Zoho One, the onboarding process took so long it was slowing us down from recruiting more dental professionals.

“Before Zoho One, we were almost paralyzed as a company,” says Phil. “We were using paper and software applications that didn’t work well together; dealing with accuracy issues; and facing data gaps.”

KAD Dental Staffing was looking for a way to spend less time physically managing their business processes so they could spend more time recruiting and serving their dental community.

Finding a solution

Phil and Lindsay knew that more robust technology would help them save time and increase earnings.

“I looked around for a product that could help us be faster, better and more accurate,” says Phil. “When we found Zoho we stopped looking.

“Zoho was the perfect fit for us. It offered an endless inventory of applications that we could adapt to our various needs. And having Lior as our Zoho partner and developer meant we could customize these and get the most out of the system.”

Lindsay was sold when she got some hands-on experience using the demo version.
“It was easy to use and we quickly saw that there was an app for everything we needed,” says Lindsay. “And every app worked seamlessly with the others and could all be accessed in one place.”

Implemation and Results

Because Lindsay and other staff members had been using the demo version when they got their own Zoho One system they already knew how to navigate it and what processes they wanted to build in.

“Even though we saw tons of uses for it, we decided to start slowly and build one process at a time,” says Lindsay. “This allowed us to test it and make sure it was solid.”

With the help of Lior they customized and started using Zoho Recruit to manage and automate their recruitment cycle. Zoho Recruit creates a job post which is shared on their website. When people respond to this post by filling out the form and uploading their resume the information is then pushed back to Zoho Recruit and an email is sent to their hiring manager so they can review the candidate and take the next step.

“Zoho Recruit, in conjunction with the Zoho CRM, tracks our candidates and gives us faster access to all their information,” says Lindsay. This is just one of the apps we use that has saved us significant time and money.”

They have similar processes in place for their client onboarding. With Zoho One all client information is centralized and they can customize job orders and agreements on the spot so they can serve their clients quickly and efficiently. “Zoho One has also helped us in our sales process,” adds Phil. “With the Zoho CRM we’re able to keep track of and engage with all our clients and prospects.

“We use Zoho Desk and SalesIQ to manage and track all our customer support activity. No leads fall through the cracks. And any new hire can easily access the whole history of a contact: all the conversations, phone recordings, meetings, tasks, invoices, estimates. Everything is there when you go to the contact page.”

Reducing the time required for manual tasks such as these and others has allowed Phil and Lindsay to focus on the strategic side of running and growing their business. Due to their shows, website and other marketing efforts KAD Dental Staffing has been getting more interest and more applications. Zoho One has allowed them to organize and manage those inquiries as well as nurture relationships with prospects and clients.
“Zoho One has helped us take the lead in this industry” says Lindsay.

What would you say publicly about Zoho:

“Figure out what processes you need automated. Connect with Lior Izik, the most amazing business mentor and CRM developer in the business. And jump into the Zoho ecosystem,” says Lindsay.
“Your clients, employees and staff will thank you and so will your bottom line!”

Partner Bio:

Lior Izik, owner and founder of Amazing Business Results, is a Zoho Premium Partner, a Certified Zoho Developer and a Zoho Apps Trainer who knows the system inside and out.

For over 15 years, he’s built hundreds of CRM systems for his clients to help them automate their processes, save money and manage their businesses with less stress.

When you work with Lior, you get his business skill set and a Zoho Partner who can help you find the best software solution to manage and grow your business successfully.

Amazing Business Results Offers:

  • Zoho apps customization and architecture for small to mid-size businesses
  • Zoho training sessions
  • Weekly interactive webinars to answer clients’ questions
  • Updates on Zoho’s new features and services
  • A YouTube channel with hundreds of videos related to Zoho and its features.

With Amazing Business Results as your Zoho consultant partner, you get the most out of Zoho and the confidence of working with someone who can answer all your questions and find solutions to your business problem.

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