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Navigating Success: Zoho Has Transformed Our Marketing Efforts

Executive Summary

Koby Lerner, investment advisor and partner at Nour Private Wealth, has been using Zoho CRM to manage his marketing campaigns and automate every stage from lead to client onboarding.

Koby recognized the challenges in hiring a marketer without a clear business direction. To address this, he took the initiative to understand marketing intricacies, aiming to guide future hires. Frustrated by generic marketing approaches, Koby emphasizes the need for a tailored system. His business focuses on serving Canadians aged 45+ approaching retirement, helping them optimize their financial positioning through specialized software.

Zoho has also automated most client transaction processes to free up his agents so they can spend more time providing world-class service to their clients.


In the dynamic world of marketing, Koby's journey began with a realization: expecting a marketer to grasp business goals without clear guidance is a significant challenge. Fueled by this insight, Koby committed to learning the essentials of marketing strategy to provide a clear path for his team. His venture caters to a specific demographic – hardworking Canadians in their mid-40s and above, seeking retirement solutions through innovative software.

The Business

Situated in Oakville, Canada, Nour Private Wealth stands as a committed wealth management group, devoted to assisting clients in the successful attainment of their retirement objectives. Financial advisor and team marketing strategist, Koby Lerner, plays a pivotal role in driving their success.

Koby's business is dedicated to serving a niche market of individuals on the cusp of retirement or already retired. The primary clientele comprises hardworking Canadians aged 45 and above, who are eager to navigate their retirement journey strategically. The business's unique approach involves leveraging specialized software solutions to empower clients in optimizing their financial positions as they transition into retirement.

The Challenge

Koby identified a prevalent challenge in the marketing landscape – the difficulty of hiring a marketer without a predefined business vision. He underscored the shortcomings of generic marketing strategies, particularly in the creation of landing pages. This lack of specificity results in mediocrity and drives up conversion costs, ultimately wasting valuable resources.

“Our biggest challenge was finding a way to attract new agents to our team,” says Koby. “We wanted licensed advisors, of course, but more importantly we wanted quality agents who could provide knowledgeable and dedicated support to our clients.” Koby recognized the necessity of offering substantial value to both his agents and clients in order to attract top-tier advisors.

Finding a Solution

“When we found Zoho we knew we’d found the answer,”says Koby. Zoho allowed me to adapt my marketing strategy to a fully customized program that would deliver great value to our clients and our agents.” The versatility and adaptability of Zoho played a crucial role in optimizing the approach and enhancing the overall effectiveness of initiatives. The importance of constructing a system that seamlessly integrates and automates every aspect of marketing campaigns is highly evident.

Implementation and Results

Koby's keen understanding of his target market and strategic marketing approach, coupled with the expertise of Zoho Consultant Lior Izik, led to the creation of a powerful system. This system not only generates the desired leads but also nurtures them through a comprehensive marketing strategy.

"Before Zoho, we were grappling with mediocre leads, and many were slipping through the cracks," adds Koby. Zoho's CRM proved instrumental in establishing effective marketing funnels that guide leads from landing pages to intricate email campaigns. This nurturing process spans a sequence of 51 carefully-crafted emails and text messages over three months, providing valuable insights into tax and wealth creation strategies, alongside numerous case studies. Each communication closes with a subtle call to action, inviting recipients to engage further.

The transition from lead to client is seamlessly facilitated by Zoho, automating processes such as creating transfers and sending personalized birthday greetings. This efficiency isn't just advantageous for client services but also plays a crucial role in attracting top-notch agents. The automated systems not only keep leads engaged but also enhance the overall client experience, allowing Nour to build a high-caliber team of advisors.

Koby highlights the appreciation agents have for the meticulous details handled by the Zoho CRM. For instance, proactive reminders such as notifying clients three months before their driver's license expires not only showcase organizational efficiency but also strengthen the advisor/client relationship. These automated features, among others, contribute significantly to providing ongoing value to clients and fostering lasting connections.

What would you say publicly about Zoho?

In a league of its own, the Zoho system stands out by accomplishing what traditional marketing agencies often struggled to achieve. It goes beyond merely generating quality leads, consistently providing substantial value to our clients, and, in turn, earning the trust and respect that forms the bedrock of our successful client relationships.

Koby emphasizes, "Our business has undergone a transformative shift with Zoho and our trusted partner, Lior Izik. Through Lior's expert guidance, every stage of our clients' journey has been automated, seamlessly transitioning from lead acquisition to the ultimate goal of creating happy and satisfied clients. Zoho has played a pivotal role in not just creating but optimizing our marketing initiatives, resulting in substantial time and cost savings for our agents, while concurrently building enduring trust with both prospects and clients."

Partner Bio:

Lior Izik, owner and founder of Amazing Business Results, is a Zoho Premium Partner, a Certified Zoho Developer and a Zoho Apps Trainer who knows the system inside and out.

For over 15 years, he’s built hundreds of CRM systems for his clients to help them automate their processes, save money and manage their businesses with less stress.

When you work with Lior, you get his business skill set and a Zoho Partner who can help you find the best software solution to manage and grow your business successfully.

Amazing Business Results Offers:

  • Zoho apps customization and architecture for small to mid-size businesses
  • Zoho training sessions
  • Weekly interactive webinars to answer clients’ questions
  • Updates on Zoho’s new features and services
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With Amazing Business Results as your Zoho consultant partner, you get the most out of Zoho and the confidence of working with someone who can answer all your questions and find solutions to your business problem.