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Unlocking Success with Zoho One to Engage, Educate, and Inspire

Executive Summary

New Pace Productions has emerged as a leading video production house catering to small to medium-sized enterprises. With the expansion of their business, the demand for a comprehensive and integrated business platform became imperative.

After relying on a manual system involving disparate programs and plug-ins for years, the ideal solution for their business management needs materialized in the form of Zoho's integrated business system—Zoho One.

In collaboration with their Zoho consultant partner, Lior Izik of Amazing Business Results, they successfully executed the deployment of an all-encompassing platform. This system seamlessly integrates all the necessary applications, empowering New Pace Productions to manage efficiently and foster the growth of their business.


New Pace Productions previously operated with a diverse array of programs to manage their business processes. This included a sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, a customer support platform, and numerous other applications and plug-ins for various business functions.

Reflecting on their previous setup, JC Costa, founder, and partner at New Pace Productions, emphasized the challenges they faced: "We had a manual, patchwork system that was time-consuming and difficult to use. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, we sought an all-in-one platform capable of seamlessly integrating all our business functions into one user-friendly system." The inefficiencies of their previous approach prompted the quest for a more streamlined and efficient business management solution.

The Business

New Pace Productions has evolved from a small-scale operation into a flourishing video production house boasting a diverse portfolio and a comprehensive skill set. Specializing in a range of deliverables, including explainer, sales, and product videos, alongside content for training and education, the company now undertakes over 200 jobs annually. Managing this substantial workload involves overseeing the entire production process, from creation to management and invoicing.

The Challenge

"When we started out, Excel was the right fit for our needs. We used it to manage customer data, budgeting, sales forecasts, and more," says Costa. However, as New Pace Productions expanded, it became evident that Excel alone couldn't effectively handle their growing business processes. With a multitude of diverse packages, each job requiring customization, and the associated budget intricacies tied into production, they realized the need for a more comprehensive solution. In the pursuit of a seamless business management program capable of organizing, tracking, and processing every aspect of their rapidly growing business, Costa and the team explored various CRMs and added other tools and applications for specific needs such as document signing and proposals. Yet, the fragmented approach of jumping between applications and constantly seeking and integrating new ones proved overwhelming, error-prone, and financially burdensome.

Key challenges included

Multiple Applications: Trying different CRMs and adding various tools and applications for specific needs resulted in a fragmented system.

Overwhelming Process: Jumping between applications and continuously adding new ones as needed became overwhelming and error-prone.

Cost Considerations: The process of seeking out and integrating new tools proved to be expensive for the growing business.

Finding a Solution

In the quest for a comprehensive solution, New Pace Productions embarked on a search for an all-in-one platform capable of effectively managing all their business functions. Reflecting on their decision, Costa notes, "There are various all-in-one platforms out there, but the most important thing for us was that they integrate and work seamlessly with each other. When we discovered Zoho and Consultant Partner Lior Izik, we knew we'd found our wow factor." Leveraging the extensive capabilities of Zoho One's 50-plus applications, the company now enjoys a fully integrated software solution that streamlines their processes. Collaborating with Consultant Partner Lior Izik, they crafted a software ecosystem automating the unique business processes required to manage efficiently and track their substantial workload. Costa emphasizes Izik's dual expertise as a Zoho-certified developer and a professional with a robust business background, which played a crucial role in determining the most efficient customization of their Zoho One suite.

Implementation and Results

Zoho's automated processes have become an asset for New Pace Productions, delivering notable time and cost savings. A widespread adoption of the platform is evident throughout the company, where various functionalities such as CRM, Campaigns, and Analytics are utilized for business promotion, prospect engagement, and lead tracking. The shift to Zoho One signifies a transformation from manual processes to automated workflows, resulting in significant time and cost efficiencies. Zoho One emerges as a pivotal tool for New Pace Productions.

What would you say publicly about Zoho?

In the current operations of New Pace Productions, Zoho One serves as the comprehensive solution for all facets of their business. Costa highlights, "We have unique and specific processes that Zoho has been able to automate and build into an integrated system, drastically reducing manual inputs. This freedom allows us to focus on the creative aspects of attracting clients and delivering world-class video services." Expressing the broader benefits, Costa highlights the importance of utilizing Zoho in businesses seeking to automate processes, integrate functions, and achieve savings in both time and money, ultimately alleviating operational challenges.

Partner Bio:

Lior Izik, owner and founder of Amazing Business Results, is a Zoho Premium Partner, a Certified Zoho Developer and a Zoho Apps Trainer who knows the system inside and out.

For over 15 years, he’s built hundreds of CRM systems for his clients to help them automate their processes, save money and manage their businesses with less stress.

When you work with Lior, you get his business skill set and a Zoho Partner who can help you find the best software solution to manage and grow your business successfully.

Amazing Business Results Offers:

  • Zoho apps customization and architecture for small to mid-size businesses
  • Zoho training sessions
  • Weekly interactive webinars to answer clients’ questions
  • Updates on Zoho’s new features and services
  • A YouTube channel with hundreds of videos related to Zoho and its features.

With Amazing Business Results as your Zoho consultant partner, you get the most out of Zoho and the confidence of working with someone who can answer all your questions and find solutions to your business problem.

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