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When I present Zoho One to my clients, it is very common for them to ask me about all the differences between the 40+ Zoho solutions that they will be using.

To make this easier, I have decided to create a video with all of the Zoho products and explain how you will be using them in your day to day business operations. In order to answer the big question and reduce tension, I will begin by discussing “how much it costs”. I am happy to share that Zoho One costs $30 per month per employee and it includes each one of the solutions that I have included in this video. 

It is important to note that the low price is not because it is a new product. Zoho has over 43 million users worldwide. The low price is because the Zoho company believes in fair trade and allowing any size business to enjoy its amazing products.

Most CRM’s provide great assistance in regards to managing leads and sales, but this is where the benefit ends. Zoho on the other hand provides a wide range of business solutions that help businesses by starting with the marketing, continuing on to the sales cycle and from there to the customer service, accounting, upselling products and much, much more. An entire business solution for only $30.


We are dedicated and passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses develop, customize and integrate a ZOHO platform that will allow them to not only grow, but to flourish.

30 Days FREE Test Drive
Q. Are your employees working based on good intentions or based on clear, concrete procedures that your CRM enforces?
Q. Do you have an organized system to manage your employees, accounting, sales and marketing?
Q. Are you constantly searching for where that piece of client information went?
Q. Have you been noticing that conversions are falling through the cracks?
If you’ve answered yes to any of these, let us help. At Amazing Business Results, An Authorized Zoho Partner, your goal is our goal, every step of the way. Whatever your CRM needs are, from email marketing to content integration and everything in between, our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals will help you find a solution and implement the practices that work best for your business. When the needs of your business and our experience meet, great results happen. Your business will dramatically increase its growth, stability and direction by implementing the ZOHO CRM platform. 

Through our many years of experience, we have seen firsthand what happens to businesses that don’t understand the importance of organized and effective tools to both market towards and connect with their customer base. With more effective organization and structure, your business will be able to make better use of information and provide the type of dynamic, professional and effective service that

sets you apart from your competition.