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Zoho Backstage Product Description

With Zoho Backstage, event management software, event planners and non-profit organizations are empowered to plan and run product launches, conferences, large meetings, and more with efficiency and greater impact.

How Can Amazing Business Results Help You with Zoho Backstage?

Delivering an outstanding event experience is possible with Zoho Backstage and its many components. With help from me, your Zoho Partner, and with only a few clicks, you can create a powerful, multilingual website and mobile app for your event. Within minutes, you can go live by choosing from pre-built templates and themes. Create banners for social media promotions, embed your event page on other websites, and much more.

An End-to-End Event Management Tool

With everything to make the most of your event, Zoho Backstage has what’s needed before, during, and after. Whether you are organizing a non-profit event, large-scale meeting, trade show, or conference, you are equipped to design a website, market your event, communicate with attendees, evaluate the outcome, and more with this event management software.

Event Planning Website Design Plus Seamless Ticketing

Withe Eventbrite integration, Zoho Backstage can be used to distribute tickets for your event. You receive the payments for your ticket sales immediately. Registration and ticketing are both simple for users. The program has a built-in outreach program in which attendees can be sent emails reminding them to show up at the event.

In One Dashboard, Track Event Metrics

You are able to track event metrics on a single screen with Zoho Backstage. Data is updated as it comes in, and you can stay informed about registrations and ticket sales before the event. During events, you can see attendee count and attendance numbers in sessions.

With 6 Easy Steps, Zoho Backstage Helps you Set the Stage

You’ll begin event planning in Zoho Backstage by entering all the details attendees will look for, such as name, date, venue, and social media identifiers. Next, you’ll provide a detailed event agenda. For each step, you can count on me, your Zoho Partner, to guide you through the program for event success.

Publish Custom Branded Mobile Apps

To have your own mobile app, you don’t need to know a single line of code. The app code is simply downloaded and submitted for review in the App Store or PlayStore. Once you have your approved apps, list them on your event page.

Zoho Backstage Includes Scheduling of Customized Emails

Keep your event in front of everyone who registers using emails that you customize and schedule yourself. Follow-up emails are proven to be effective tools in making events happen as envisioned.

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