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ZOHO Automated Text Messages | Never Stress From Lead Response Times Again!

August 09, 2022

ZOHO CRM Automated Text Messaging

What if I told you that stressing over lead response times can be a thing of the past? 

As a business owner, I know that consistently responding to all your leads while also ensuring that you maintain the productivity of your company’s operations is difficult – Well, we have the perfect solution. Our team has created a new ZOHO CRM extension which focuses on instant automated text messages so that your leads never have to wait on another starting response again – Ready to extend your efficiency with our new extension?

Leads like to quickly have answers and knowledge about your company to determine whether they want to become customers. If you take longer than 24 hours to respond to a question or a cost estimate of some sort, they will likely move on to a more reliable team, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. By creating a software extension that mimics a real-time salesperson dedicated to serving your lead’s needs, they will feel valued and appreciated, exponentially increasing the odds of becoming a consumer. Additionally, our software integrated the capabilities of understanding when your lead is getting engaged and responding to the automated messages. It will then pass off the conversation to an employee to continue, customized to the user’s needs. By only passing off the lead to an employee once it notices that they are engaged, your staff will only need to focus on more prospective customers.

Further on into the video, I will continue to discuss the added benefits of our ZOHO extension. I will also give away a free workshop and beta version for the first 50 companies to register!

Companies are becoming more reliant on business automation, and for a good reason. At Amazing Business Results, we will give you the help you need to enhance your overall work efficiency and rise your business to the top.

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