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Becoming A Preferred Referral Source In Your Community

January 10, 2017

Money Making Referrals Just for Spreading the Word

How many times have you been talking to someone who was in need of some type of service and didn’t know who to rely on? How about your neighbor who just got through telling you that he needed a good mechanic? Interestingly enough you just had your car serviced last week by a great mechanic. Or, how about your co-worker who is some real need of home repairs and you are feeling great because you just had all your work done by a great contractor last year.

Now being the nice person that you are you freely give both these parties the referrals that they need. They are most thankful for it but what about the business owners who just got some new business? You also just missed out on making yourself some extra coin while being the good person that you are.

Whenever you have a great experience with some service or product that you have bought or used think about how you could possibly make some money off of this. It’s simple really all about referrals. This can be quite a lucrative adventure while doing a great service for different people. This is what you call a triple win adventure.

So How Much is Lucrative in Money Terms?

Think about it. If the mechanic you just referred your neighbor to performed $500. worth of services on your neighbor’s car and your mechanic was to give you 5% of this, you just made yourself $25. for being of service to your neighbor. Now your co-worker spends $5,000 on his home renovations performed by your referral, and this grateful contractor is going to give you $250 as a 5% appreciation fee. You just made yourself some real money for doing nothing more than being a good neighbor and a thoughtful co-worker.

Nobody is Going to Turn Down Potential Business

All it takes is for you to be a little inquisitive with the service providers in asking them if they are interested in taking on more customers. You can bet the answer will NOT be NO! Now you have their interest it’s time to talk business. The next question should be is “Are you willing to pay me a small percentage for each new customer I send to you?" Believe me, business owners know how much it costs to advertise and market to bring one customer through their doors, so they are all ears about your offer. Once you have struck a verbal agreement, it’s time to put your words into action and this is how you do it.

First Step:

You don’t want to forget about the verbal deal you just made, so get organized. Once you have done this type of deal once or twice it is going to become a money making favorite of yours. So what you need to do is firm up the deal with the business owner. Do this by sending them a short email outlining the verbal agreement and simply ask them to send you a return email that they agree with the terms.
Then you need to add all of the information about the business owner onto a spreadsheet. Keep all the contact information on here so you can easily access it when you need to pass it along.

Second Step:

Don’t forget to stay tuned into what your referrals have to offer. Every time you hear someone express a need for some type of service or perhaps product where you have struck a referral deal, make sure you have access to your spreadsheet so you can check to see who it is you are going to recommend.

Third Step:

If you have any type of social presence online then hopefully you are going to come across people who are in need of something that you happen to have the resources for. All it takes is a great referral from you to meet their needs and put some money in your pocket.

Fourth Step:

Make sure that you tell the person who you are referring to advise the business provider that you have recommended them.

Fifth Step:

Put a quick phone call into the business owner or shoot off a quick email that “so and so" may be calling them for a service as you have recommended them. This is going to ensure that credit is given where credit is due, meaning you are going to get your referral fee.
So What is the Triple Win Scenario?

The individual who is need of the service is going to get exactly what they need by someone they can trust, because you have already had a great experience with this provider. It’s a win for this person!
The business owner is getting a new customer who has already been sold on their credibility. It’s a win for the business owner!

You are going to get some extra cash for providing two great services one to the person in need and one to the person to meet that need. It’s a win for you!