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Zoho One Plug and Play

March 28, 2022

What is Zoho One Plug and Play?

Our new system is part of Zoho One. We have been working on this project for the past few years. It is a one-of-a-kind plug and play system for the service industry. It is a system that can be easily installed for you. We can customize the system for you, or customization can be done by the user. It is meant to get you set up quicker and is much more cost effective for those interested in saving money.

Zoho One Plug and Play CRM Dashboard Features

Widgets can be added to the Zoho CRM dashboard to customize it for each user. As an example, you can display sales by current quarter versus the last quarter. This can be done for monthly sales as well. This can be configured to display only one salespersons sales or multiple sales people in the case you would need to compare sales.
A Tasks widget can be added to the dashboard, this will display tasks that are open or overdue. You can view a list of all open or overdue tasks by clicking on the widget. Tasks can be managed directly from this list.
Follow-ups that require attention from an individual salesperson can be displayed in the dashboard. Important lead information like name, email, phone number and the lead status can be found here. The lead status (follow-required, contacted, attempt 1, etc) will vary based on if or when the lead was contacted. This will help you/your team keep track of the leads and who requires a follow-up.

Scoring rules allows you to see which clients are responsive and which are not. A positive number means that there has been a response between you and the client. A negative number means that the client is not responsive or could have an email address that has bounced. The scoring rules help weed out who is a serious client and worth your time.

The last interaction widget can be used to maintain relationships with your clients. You can set a goal to talk to each one of your clients at least once a month. The date you last communicated with the client will display here. This will give you an idea on when to call to follow-up with them. The system provides what is called the real last update, every time that there is a meaningful conversation with a client, whether using SMS, phone calls, meetings or emails this date will automatically be updated.

The Leads Cycle

The way that the CRM and Zoho works is by starting the process with the leads. The leads will be the first step that a new prospect. The entire leads cycle is just to determine if the person is serious about doing business or not. Usually after one phone call you will know if this is a serious interaction or not and this is what you’re doing in the leads cycle.
When you’re looking at the leads cycle you can switch to different views. All leads view will show you all the leads in the system versus my leads follow-ups which will show you only the leads that you’re supposed to take action on. Once a phone system is integrated you can click on the number displayed. It will dial the client automatically from the system. Voicemail drop is another feature that can be used to record a general voicemail. You can drop it between calls when there is no answer. You can program the system to send an email notification to someone informing them that you tried to call them, and you were unsuccessful at reaching them.
On the left side of the lead you will have everything that is related to the lead here. You can create notes relate to the lead, upload attachments, use activities to create tasks, meetings, or calls. You can also keep track of email correspondence between you and your client. Simply sync your email to Zoho and you will be able to view sent and received emails.

Zoho CRM Blueprint

The blueprint can be found in various modules. For the leads module we created a blueprint that reduces the number of leads that will abandon you. When a new lead comes in you will have three options: garbage leads (spam), call answered (currently speak or have spoken to your lead, call not answered (your lead did not answer). By default, we have set up 5 call not answered attempts before we can declare the lead as a lost lead. This number can vary but we found that 5 attempts works best.
Call answered should be selected when you are on the phone with the lead. The system will ask a few questions before you can qualify the lead. Does the lead have the money to work with you? If it’s yes continue to the next field. Does the lead understand what’s required to proceed? If yes, continue to the next field. Add a follow-up date and time as well as a follow-up comment and save. The system status was changed to contacted.
If the lead is not ready to proceed but could be a client in the future, you can select contact in the future. Maybe the client is not a match at all, you can select lost lead and then you will need to select the reason why. You can run reports and see why leads are being lost and why you are losing business.
Once you qualify a lead you can select convert which will automatically create an opportunity for that lead.


A fully customizable system like this can easily cost thousands of dollars. We’ve created a system that we can easily install for you. We maintain and customize it to your needs. The setup fee is $995, Zoho One Licensing fee $100 per month, we need 2 licenses, one for us to manage the system and the second for you to work with. Additional license is $60. Zoho charges $45 per license, we take $15 per license a month for the support, education, and services we provide. Any updates to the system will be provided to you for free.

Contact us to get started or to learn more about our plug and play features and customizations.

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