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Zoho CRM Vendors Module Overview

October 14, 2022

For many Zoho users, the addition of Zoho CRM’s Vendor module has been very exciting. But, it’s common that businesses have questions such as “how can I email my vendors". In today’s live session, we demonstrate how to group your vendor representatives together, and how to contact them via email.

If you’ve tried to send an email directly from the Vendors module, it will not work. Vendors module can be viewed similarly to the Accounts module because both modules are storing entities. If you need to contact someone at an account, you wouldn’t email directly to their account because it’s an entity- not a person. 

Just as one account has multiple different contact records associated to it inside the Zoho CRM, one vendor can have multiple different contacts. The way you can easily associate your vendor’s contacts is by creating a custom pick-list field titled “Contact Type" inside the Contacts module. One of the pick-list options available should be “Vendor". 

Inside of Vendors module, you can directly assign contacts to a vendor record. This way, when you need to email a vendor, you can locate their record and select the appropriate contact to send the email to. The email will always be sent from the contact record.