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5 Simple Questions to Ask When Interviewing A Zoho CRM Developer

April 29, 2022

Are You Hiring Zoho CRM Developer? What You Need To Know!

When you hire people, you will need to know how to qualify them. You need to make sure that the person working within the CRM are Zoho CRM experts. Your CRM will contain very important information about your business: sales, customer information, and more.

Upwork is the biggest online freelancer system out there. I posted a job seeking a Zoho CRM developer to help me with my projects. I specified that I am willing to pay top dollar for a Zoho CRM expert. I would interview them and give them an exam so that they are aware that this is a serious interview. Freelancers that are not serious about their work will not apply. This is simply to weed out those types of freelancers.

To my surprise, I received an overwhelming number of responses. I chose only the ones with top ratings and freelancers that had over fifty thousand dollars of income. Freelancers making fifty thousand dollars of income with top reviews make me believe that they are serious about the work and are knowledgeable of the position they are applying for.

I interviewed 10 people for the job, and you may be surprised to learn that I did not hire anyone. You might be thinking that I probably asked ridiculous questions. That is not true! I’m going to share with you the questions I asked during the interviews. If interviewees are not capable of answering these questions, they are NOT the right Zoho Developer for you.

Question #1

“Today I opened my CRM; I see that I have no leads. Yesterday I logged into my system, and I had thousands of leads. Why is it that today I have nothing? Where are my leads?”

Response: “You need to check the recycle bin” or “you need to talk to Zoho”
Solution: On the left side, I have views, I need to click on all leads and then I can see all my leads.

Question #2

“Whenever I am sending emails from Zoho CRM those emails are going spam. Why is that? What’s going on?”

Response: “Your email is labeled spam and this is why mail servers are blocking you” or “This is an internal problem”!
Solution: Go to the settings, click on the email, go to email deliverability, add your domain, and that’s it.

Question # 3

“Where can I find my backups and is Zoho saving these backups for me?”

In this case, I did get reasonable answers just not what I wanted to hear.

Solution: Go to the settings and then you will click on data backup, you will see that backups are being created but every two weeks Zoho will provide you two links. You need to click on those links to download those backups and then save them in a secure place.

Question #4

“As an email system built into the CRM, is there also an SMS system (a text messages system) that is part of Zoho CRM?”

The responses at this point are not worth mentioning.
Solution: “No, you need to install a third-party solution.”

Question # 5

”If I choose to remove the deals module from my system is it possible? Can I remove the deals module which is a core module? Can I remove it from my system so I will only stay with the leads and contacts?

Solution: This can be done! Go to settings, go to modules and fields, click on organize modules, and then uncheck the deals module.

In Conclusion

These questions are problems that Zoho CRM developers face daily. If you are going to interview a Zoho developer, Zoho CRM expert, or Ninja developer that is going to handle your core database they should be knowledgeable of the basics that any qualified developer should know.

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