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Zoho Creator Product Description

Zoho Creator is cloud software for creating do-it-yourself custom applications, even if you have no IT expertise or prior coding experience. Within days, not weeks, Zoho Creator allows you to create customized business applications using a drag-and-drop interface. Zoho offers a free plan plus three paid subscription options at affordable prices. The primary advantage of choosing the premium plan is access to valuable features such as premium support and developer sandbox.

How Can Amazing Business Results Help You with Zoho Creator?

Mobile applications have become standard, and they encourage customer interest. Zoho Creator makes it easy for businesses of every size to get in on the benefits of mobile apps. As your Zoho Partner, I will ensure that you know your way around Zoho Creator so that you can create apps that help you promote your products and services more effectively.

Create your Own App or Use a Ready-Made Template

Choose from the App Deck of ready-to-use business apps. You can find a pre-built solution that caters to all aspects of your business, including distribution, sales, and management. For DIY apps, our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy.

Zoho Creator Offers a Collection of Ready-to-Use Business Apps

What could be easier than a pre-built application for your business? Some of the 50-plus apps to choose from include Event Management, Donor Management, Employee Onboarding, Franchise Management, Seat Booking, and Time Tracker.

Zoho Creator Offers Business Apps for Just About Everything

Categories of pre-built apps you can choose from include Human Resources, Education, Non-Profit, Finance, Customer Service, Operations, Sales and Marketing, and IT and Administration.

Unlocking Full Customization and Automation Powers of Zoho Creator

Although the easy-to-use versions of app building with Zoho Creator are amazing, some features require the use of proprietary scripting language. The automation and customization capabilities of Zoho Creator can only be fully realized with IT experience.

A Run-Through of Top Benefits of Zoho’s App-Building Software

Apps built with Zoho Creator responsively resize for mobile. Other Zoho apps integrate seamlessly with the app builder. More benefits include custom workflows, built-in auto-translation, supports barcode scanning, and pre-built Quickbooks and Salesforce integrations.

Overview of Features in Zoho Creator

The main features of Zoho Creator include Secure Access Controls; Collaboration Tools; Customer Portal; Workflow Builder; Multi-Language Support; Smart Reports; Drag-and-Drop Application Builder; Tasks, Reminders, and Notifications; and Custom Reports And Interactive Dashboards.

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