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What is Dashboard Reporting? Navigate Your Finances and Sales the Right Way with Zoho Analytics!

July 18, 2022

Want to develop a loyal client base while keeping track of your company’s analytics?

Without reporting, you’re flying in the dark. Small companies typically feel that they don’t need to use analytics as there is little to report, but that isn’t the case. No matter how big or small your company may be, reporting the analytics of your goods and services are critical in determining the success of your business. In this video, I will navigate you through the process of viewing custom ‘dashboards’ that Zoho offers to learn about company insights, including paid invoices, client deals, customer service response times, and more! Ready?

On the Zoho analytics dashboard, you are able to create different sections according to your needs and preferences. Taking “Customer Service Wait Times” from the dashboard as an example, you are able to see how long it takes each prospective lead to receive a customer service response. Ranging from 0-2 hours to 24+ hours, you can make a fair assumption that the loyalty from the lead will not be high in the case that it takes 24+ hours to receive a message back. In fact, they would have likely moved on to another service company that could adhere to their needs much faster.

The video goes into more depth into each individual dashboard, explaining why dashboards on Zoho are an effective tool for business owners and what to look for in each report.

As a growing company, you want to know about your consumers, the process in how your business is going, and how you can use that information to enhance customer retention. With our help at Amazing Business Results, we will teach you effective and powerful ways to incorporate Zoho into your company’s dashboard system!

Begin navigating through your Zoho dashboard today and see the difference!