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How Real Last Update can Help Your Business Turn the Tables?

July 09, 2020

In an evolving world of technology, smart tools such as Real last update can help businesses build a stronger foundation of CRM. Departments and business owners want to check when was the last time a change was made in the system be it a lead, a contact, or any opportunity was approached usually they review last modified which seems logical choice to know when it was updated but it’s not an optimal solution. – for example: if I go and create a new task and save it, it will not change the modified time, Why? Because sometimes people do not change the values in the fields, instead they create tasks, events, phone calls, which is the interaction that people make in businesses. So in such cases, the modified time field does not display factually correct information that a user in point is looking for.

To cope-up with this issue, Amazing Business Results created a solution, ‘Real Last Update’.

As the name suggests, real last update always displays the last update time, when a task was created, modified, when an event created or call was made or changes in the records or any other changes across the application and the purpose is to exclude slackers. It provides a distinction between potential deals with opportunities and untouched deals. Moreover, this system has a special function of showing why the last update was changed and other details about it. It gives clarity to what is occurring in the business and keeps you updated about it.

You can either create this script yourself or if you do not have time to create it you can always buy from us using the link provided in the video description.