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The #1 Proven Marketing Strategy to Help Grow Your Business

February 22, 2022

The # 1 Proven Marketing Strategy

The best marketing strategy is simple! Really! Businesses have been known to purchase email lists in order to bombard other companies with offers. The results are always poor and do not produce great results. If you take into consideration the cost of the list and the amount of time invested into the campaigns. This approach no longer works today and that’s because the mail client knows how to identify spam.
The solution is to create a quality mailing list. This is a proven marketing strategy that when executed correctly can do wonders for your business. The best way to do this is to provide something free to your target audience. That might be an e-book, videos or a pdf with the inside scoop about your industry. There are plenty of ways to provide value for free that won’t be expensive for you to produce. When people download the free product, they will have to submit their information (full name, phone, email) and they will need to consent that you are allowed to provide them with marketing materials.

Once you have a list of quality people, real people, that you are targeting is where the fun begins.

A problem that you might face once you have a quality list is a bounce back report. This report includes a hard bounce list which will provide email addresses that are no longer in use, wrong domain, wrong email address etc. You will not be able to send those people emails again. Most email clients will block emails that are in the hard bounce list. For the most part these email addresses are likely bounced back because of typos. In this case if a user entered, it is likely that they meant to type Gmail. You can fix this on your end.
In the even that you get a soft bounce, which are issues happening in the moment, a firewall, network issue or a full inbox, remember that it’s temporary. The mail client will not block these types of emails. The issue would be resolved the next time you send an email.

Review your campaign report
It is important to look into your email campaign report to see how many emails were delivered versus how many bounced versus unique clicks.

  • Delivered: the email left your campaign, it does not mean that people opened it.
  • Bounces: the email were not received, it can be hard or soft bounce.
  • Unique opens: people that opened the email for the first time.
  • Unique Clicks: Links that are in your email that the end user clicked.
  • Unopened: The person received the email but did not open it.

When sending a campaign it is best to send it with a persons name,, instead of These types of emails will be bounced by the mail client and likely go to spam. Consider making the subject of your campaign short and to the point. You want your client to feel a sense of urgency in order to make them take action.
Test your email campaigns before sending them to your list. Go over any typos, links, coupon codes and other issues that could arise once it is live. Get into the habit of testing your campaign as you create it to minimize errors and reduce the time spent editing the same campaign.

You will have a better conversion rate if you send the campaign to your targeted list more often, interacting with real people more than you would if you sent to a huge list.

While mailing lists are a proven marketing strategy there are other resources that you can utilize to help grow your business. Here is a list to boost your companies revenue:
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