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New Zoho CRM SMS Extension

November 04, 2022

ABR Text Marketing Assistant for Zoho CRM

SMS is one of the best ways to communicate with all your leads, contacts and clients.

A recent survey found that two-thirds of all consumers prefer text messaging over phone and email.

And now, Amazing Business Results has added an SMS extension (ABR Text Marketing Assistant for Zoho CRM) packed with features to help you communicate with all your customers in their preferred way.

The Zoho CRM SMS extension lets you send, receive and track text messages within your Zoho CRM so you can get in touch and stay in touch effortlessly and efficiently.

The Zoho SMS extension delivers:

SMS Chat Console
Communicate back and forth with your clients and keep a record of the conversations so you can refer to it for future contact.

Additionally, Amazing Business Results’ SMS chat includes a template management feature that allows you to autofill with custom templates, or you can create a new template in the moment.

Incoming SMS
When a text comes in, a Cliq message is sent as a notification to the correct record owner. A “view record” link takes you to their relevant record and their chat history in your CRM, allowing your representative to have more productive and relevant interactions.

If the incoming text is a new lead, a new lead is created for that phone number.

Single Phone Number
One of the unique features of the SMS extension is that a single number is used for an entire organization.

Only one number is necessary because when a text comes in, artificial intelligence determines who in the organization should receive the incoming lead notification.

Mass SMS
The feature will allow you to select records from your leads, contacts or deals modules using “views” or “filters” and send mass SMS using templates.

Drip Campaigns and Text Messages Automation
When a lead comes in or a client expresses interest in a new product, you want to ensure you don’t miss out on potential business.

Use the innovative drip campaigns feature to follow-up with text messages and keep you and your business top of mind with all your accounts.

The Zoho CRM SMS extension allows you to set up text messages that go out automatically based on specified criteria in your CRM.

Welcome a new client; thank someone for their business; or introduce a new product or feature. With an SMS drip campaign, you can stay in touch automatically with one customer or a thousand. With no coding or to-do lists.

Weekly Tech Sessions
Amazing Business Results hosts weekly live support sessions for extension users to help you install, configure and use our Zoho extensions.

These sessions are free to all extension users and are held every Wednesday at 1:00 PM EDT.

Join us here.

Try the Zoho CRM SMS Extension
Whether you want to chat one-to-one, or blast your latest company news via text, Amazing Business Results’ new SMS extension makes it easy to stay in touch with all your contacts.

Discover the benefits of this essential customer communication tool. Test drive our new SMS extension here.

Zoho SMS Extension DIY
Are you interested in installing the Zoho SMS extension yourself? Watch our tutorial here.