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Let Your YouTube Channel Become a Money Source

May 26, 2017

I am sure you have listened to at least a few YouTube videos. It may be that you have forgotten about them and how much of an impact they may have had on you.

A Powerful Resource

Now it’s your turn to put yourself in that position where you can use the YouTube channel platform to make you some money. You may not realize it as yet, but this is one very powerful resource that can be made into a real money maker with the right approach.

A Purpose

For any video to be successful it has to have a purpose. It has to have a reason as to why people will want to watch it. I as a successful educator already have that reason. I have success and there are ton of people out there that want the exact same thing. So I don’t even have to go looking for a huge target market. You have to know what it is that you have that people want so you can offer this to them in a video format.

Making A Money Making Video

You may not become a millionaire from a YouTube video that you create unless maybe it goes viral. You should be able to make some money, and remember those pennies do turn into dollars. A couple of options for making money from your video is to use the video to drive the viewers to a landing page that is going to be making some type of offer. For example, you could create a YouTube video for nothing, send visitors to a landing page that is selling your online course. If your course sells for $40. and you drive ten people to signing up for that course through your video then your video has made you $400.

The Right Content

Now a video also requires something else. It needs great content to hold the attention of the viewers. For me this again is no problem because I have had some amazing financial journeys that will keep anyone that is listening about them on the edge of their seat.

It isn’t just about the outcome that will hold the viewer’s attention, but it is also the in between steps that were taken to get to that outcome. I knew with my investment experiences I could create some real winners. Speaking of which, being a winner to me when it comes to investment means gleaning a profit.

Doing it Right

Your success is going to depend a great deal on doing it right. Like anything, YouTube comes with a learning curve and you want to use what this great money making resource has to offer to the best of its ability.

Here are the Basics to Get You Started

Step One:

First, you have the content which is your successes and even your failures and it doesn’t have to be about my topic which is money. It can be on any topic that people have a need to learn more about.
Next decide on the format of your video. Do you want it to be educational or funny, for example? This is going to depend on your target market. So what this tells you is you really need to learn everything you can about your target market.

Step Two:

In order for your video to be able to reach your target market you have to pay attention to how you are going to get it ranked in the search engines. This means paying attention the search engine optimization.

Step Three:

Then of course there are the technical aspects about developing a video and there are plenty of additional resources that you can use for creating it. There are tons of video making programs available on the internet both free and paid that will help you develop an amazing video.

Step Four:

Take the time to research all of your potential resources. Then add to this the mindset that you are going to learn the ins and outs of YouTube, so that common errors are not the cause of you not making some money from this particular venue.

This may seem like a lot of work especially when it is not expected that you will make a fortune off of your videos. Keep in mind what it is also doing is building your credibility of being an authority in the topic you have chosen to create a video about. You can then use this very same video in other venues where you are promoting whatever it is you are teaching or ultimately selling.

It is just one of a numerous numbers of ways to build passive income from using your creativity and the resources that are available to you.

This is also something that keeps you proactive in growing your money. Once you become stale or complacent with your investing then that’s when your financial portfolio can begin to suffer.