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How to Enrich Business Data using Zoho CRM

July 12, 2022

Want to generate opportunities from your existing client base on Zoho?

In this short video, I will help you learn about the process of how you would receive an initial lead, read basic business data regarding the contact, and enhance that data to solidify your client relationships!

When getting information about a prospective client through Zoho, there’s a strong chance that there isn’t enough data to understand the individual’s insights. Typically, you are left with a simple email and phone number of the person, which is not helpful when wanting to target your market for your goods or service. So, how can you solve this?

Through the use of Zia, an artificial intelligence software built into Zoho, there is a ‘data enrichment’ function that can further enhance information regarding your prospective contact. To activate this function, you can find it within the Zoho CRM system that is shown in the video! You will be able to discover accurate details of your leads, some including their phone number, company website, home state, and even zip code – all being auto-filled into your company’s system with a click of a button.

By obtaining stronger insights about your leads, you will have a better understanding of your primary audience. You can then adjust or emphasize your services based on your target market’s interests.

As a growing company, you want to know about your consumers, about those interested in your goods and services, and how you can use that information to bring them closer to your business. With our help at Amazing Business Results, we will teach you effective and powerful ways to incorporate Zoho into your company’s CRM system!

Ready? Enhance your CRM today and reap the results!