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May 08, 2017

Sharing Your Expertise Through a Online Course

Once you have become astute at using your money to make more money the creative juices will really begin to flow. It will become a habit for you to devise ways to increase your profits. This is called being innovative and it will work for you on many different levels. In fact, you can even turn your expertise into a money making venture, and in a sense you will be sharing the wealth but not putting out your money to do so.

I like to make the most of everything I do, so I like to reuse whatever I can which includes any content that I have created. One of the ways that I have come up with that has allowed me to do this is by creating online courses.

Profit Expectations

The key to your profit making will be to find the best platforms where you can easily launch an online course and draw the attention to you that you need to turn a profit. A good example is one that I launched on Udemy I set a price for the course of $40. and was able to get 2,394 students to enroll. Not bad for a one time effort of creating a good course. Especially when I was able to use my other content to create it.

Teaching Others What You Have Learned

No matter what your area of expertise is no doubt you have gathered up quite a bit of knowledge about it that will be of interest to others who have the same interests as you. That is what makes creating a course so exciting. It is because you have something that others want, which is knowledge.
There are plenty of people out there with some dollars to invest that wish they had the knowledge that you have gained from your experiences. Well don’t disappoint them, because you can easily turn this investment knowledge into an additional money maker while doing a great service. This is done by creating a online course.

Stepping it up a Notch

There are tons of different platforms online that you can use to teach and offer your courses to willing students. However, just as there has to be diversity in investing, there has to be diversity in learning.

This means you need to use different resources for offering your online course. You could do it another format such as a through correspondence lessons, or you could do it through a series of books.

By offering different versions of your course you are diversifying it and are making full use of your base material. You need to really focus on your marketing tactics to draw the attention to what you have to offer.

You could sell your audio course through a platform like Amazon. Then for another format you could offer the course through Udemy. This is a platform that will share profits with you on any online course that you want to set up on their platform.

By being diversified with your online courses you will starting a mini financial portfolio where you can glean specific amounts of income from the different platforms that you are using.

What is also great about this approach to making money from your teachings is that it can be ongoing. As you gain new experiences in the topic you are teaching on, you can take your courses to an advanced level.

What Are You Going to Need for This Investment Success?

Now you are investing in others who have the same desire as you. This means you are going to have to sell your online course, but first you need to develop it.

First Step:

Gather up all of your previous content that you may have developed. This could be articles you have written, power point presentations, an ebook or audio book. It is now a matter of developing it into a different format. You can add new information to it if is of something of value and going to fit in with your topic.

Second Step:

Decide on which platform you are going to use to offer your course. Keep in mind that you want a platform that is easy to use and one that is going to offer you great chances for drawing the type of students that you need. Also, take a look at how much of your profits from enrollment will go to the learning platform because they are offering you the chance to launch your program here. As I mentioned, I used Udemy and had some great success.

Third Step:

Now start putting your content into the format that is required by the learning platform that you are going to be using. Take the time to learn what they have to offer you by way of tools for developing your online course, and what marketing benefits they give you.