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Cloud File Sharing For Business

March 12, 2020

As you have been using Zoho One and all of its apps or just some of it, you may have encountered a few obstacles or problems with managing attachments and accounts. One of them is a file-sharing which is an essential feature that a CRM tool should have. As your Zoho CRM Consultant, today, I’m happy to announce the birth of Zoho Workdrive! Imagine you want to upload documents and you need to send it to 10 clients. Without Zoho Workdrive, you have to upload ten times for you to be able to send it to your 10 clients. It’s more work and more time consumed. But “WITH” Zoho Workdrive, you will only have to upload the document/s once and access it anywhere and send it to as many clients as you can. Magic? No! Impossible? No! Complicated? Definitely not! It’s real and you can get more of it from this video so keep watching and stay tuned.  

Let’s talk about storage. Included in your Zoho CRM license when you subscribe is a 1GB of storage only of which we all know that this storage space isn’t going to store all your files. You will need a large storage space for your files, especially when you are a large company. 

Zoho Workdrive is giving out a whopping 5TB of storage and guess what? It’s all for free! Yes, you read it right. Its not just fixing your file sharing problems but also giving you more space to store your files and access it anywhere! Cool right?! Zoho Workdrive Sync helps you sync your desktop files into Zoho Workdrive. Thanks to Zoho One crm integration where you can do pretty much anything in Zoho One. It’s like you’re at work in the office while doing fishing at the same time. Who would have thought that you could do that? In other words, it saves your time! 

Have you ever encountered attaching a huge files in an email and get denied because you are only limited to 25mb per file? If you do, we have a solution for you. When Zoho Workdrive was launched, sending email attachment has been easier than ever! With the birth of this amazing app feature within Zoho One, your Zoho journey will be more efficient than before. With this Zoho Workdrive tutorial, you will be able to maximize and utilize Zoho One Apps and know that your money and efforts are never wasted. Zoho One proves that they are making each client/subscriber happy as they always and always keeps improving and open for growth.Zoho Workdrive is the new Google drive! I challenge you to find a cloud-based online application that stores your files plus having 5TB of storage for “FREE”! Take note, this is just one of Zoho One’s “powerful” App that you can get for free. More to offer and video tutorials to come as you stay tuned to my Youtube Channel!