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Can Uber Driving Be a Profit Generator?

January 01, 2017

Can Uber Driving Be a Profit Generator?

If you are at a loss as what you can do to earn some extra money take a look at what resources you have that you can put to work for you. One of these may simply be your driver’s license and your vehicle which happens to be in decent shape. You may have heard about Uber driving but not given it much thought. It may be something that you may now want to consider if you have these resources, and the time available. You can dedicate yourself to as many hours as you’d like to this potential profit generator and you can even step it up a notch so that you can be out your competitors in the area.
Basically what Uber driving is all about is it that you are going to sign up with the Uber company who will then accept you as one of their drivers provided you meet their criteria. You will then get a call when someone in your area needs to be driven to a specific destination. You get to decide when you want to accept these calls and the pricing that you can charge is pre-set by Uber.

How Much Can You Profit?

First, is going to depend on how many hours you are going to make yourself available and it will also depend on the city and area that you are offering your services to. The general consensus is that for those that are doing this full a time and are able to service a fairly large city in the US, they can earn anywhere between $600 and $1200 a week net profit so that works out to anywhere between $30,000 to $60,000 for the year.
If you are going to take on this type of money making venture then there are going to be a few other things that you need besides a reliable car. You are going to have to be one that likes driving. Patience is going to be a virtue as most likely there will be times that you are driving in heavy traffic. You will also need a certain amount of people skills as you will be dealing with the passengers that you are transporting.

Getting Yourself On the Road

Step One:

First thing you need to do is to determine how much of your time you are going to dedicate to this. If you set up a routine for yourself you will be more consistent and perceive this as self employed job.

Step Two:

Contact Uber and see what you need to have to qualify as an Uber driver in your area. In most cases you will have to be twenty-one years of age and have a valid driver’s licence. There may also be some requirements as to what your vehicle must be. Be prepared to provide some documents such as your proof of age, validation that you are eligible to work, that you own your vehicle, you have vehicle insurance, and that your vehicle has passed all of the safety standards. You may also be subject to a background screening check.

Step Three:

If you know the area where you will be driving then you should be okay with staying within reasonable time frames. Remember, you will be making your money based on how many fares you service in a day. By taking some extra time to learn the best routes for your area you will save yourself time. This will also impress your passengers.

Step Four:

Pay attention to details. Make sure that your vehicle is kept clean. Try to refrain from smoking or eating food in your vehicle. All of this can create some really bad odors. Passengers do not want to be subjected to this. Make sure you maintain a professional attitude by being polite and not talking too much or asking personal questions. Keep your appearance in check as well. You want clients to feel comfortable with the Uber services. You are portraying the Company when you are working for them. The better you are at doing this the more business will come your way.

Step Five:

Make sure that you keep track of your income and expenses so you can do your taxes properly.