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July 07, 2017

Becoming a Blog Guru

You definitely know what the term blogging means and maybe you have tried your hand at it but just for fun. At the very least it may have been a way for you to vent or to ramble on about something of interest. But what about if you could take this and turn it into a profit?
Now maybe this scares you a little bit because you don’t consider yourself to be a wordsmith. Well, the big news is that most very successful blogs are not written by wordsmiths, but are written by those who know how to speak from the heart.
Writing from the heart means that you are tapping into human emotions. For example writing about kids is tapping into the emotions parents have for the kids, writing about food is tapping into what is close to our stomachs. These are just two of many very famous and favored topics that bloggers do well at writing and making a living off of.

Blogging Income?

Yes there is such a thing as blogging income. You just need to decide which route you want to go to be able to make money as a blogger. For example, if you are really knowledgeable in a topic you can reach out to websites that maintain a blog and offer to create content for them. Depending on the site and the type of blogs you could charge anywhere from $10 to $25. per blog. Once you become really familiar with blogging you most likely could create one in half an hour. So realistically you could be making $20 an hour at least.
Another option is to have your own blog and monetize it. Meaning that if you are able to draw traffic you could allow people to advertise on your site for a fee. Or, you could even consider Google ads. With the latter you are only going to make a few pennies per click but if you have good traffic this can add up.

Setting Yourself Up for Successful Blogging

Step One:

You need to build your credibility as a blogger. This means you need to be able to write well on topics of interest. A hot topic and a good writer is going to draw the traffic you need to make money. You can use different platforms to blog on to do this so you need to do some research in what platforms will work for you. I personally like Quora. It doesn’t cost anything to post here and I am able to get about 1,000 visitors to each blog I produce.

Step Two:

Spread the word. This means put a teaser on your social sites about a great blog that you have written. Then put a link back to the full blog.

Step Three:

Spread the wealth. It is no easy task to make money at blogging at least in the beginning. It takes time to build a following and its traffic that you need in order to generate any profit from it. This means that you need to be diversified as to where you blog meaning don’t just limit yourself to one platform.

Step Four:

Go to where the money is. This means you need to look for platforms to blog on that already has traffic coming to it. You can then use the hits that you get on these blogs that are there to show to paying customers who will want you to write for their sites.

Step Five:

You want to stay in your comfort zone in regards to the topics that you write about. You would only become a good blogger if you are passionate about what you are writing about. This will also allow you to build yourself as an authority in the topics you write about. In time you will become recognized for this. It is tempting to spread yourself too thin by writing on a whole gambit of topics hoping that one of them will be a real money maker. This could be a waste of time and effort as it is a hit and miss approach.