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Be A Middleman!

August 04, 2017

Is Being a Middle Man a Profit Maker?

Most of us like to believe that our parents have imparted words of wisdom to us. When I take a walk back down memory lane I remember that when being a student that was not excelling particularly in my pre- high school years, a dear friend of the family imparted to some words of wisdom to me. Quoting him, he said, “things will get better not by chance they will get better by change”. I was awestruck at these words and considered this family friend to be a wise person indeed, at least until many years later when I realized that this was a quote from the very well known Jim Rohn. Nevertheless, no matter who said the words they had an impact on my life.

Added to these words the friend also embarked on a lecture of how I would could better myself which I took to heart. As an experiment, I set out to see if I could put his words into action. I did this by going to our local bakery and purchased 10 bagels which I then took to a nearby bank and sold them to the bank employees who obviously were hungry and didn’t have the time to go out and do their own food shopping. Walking out of the bank I now had double the money that I had invested in the bagels. At such a young age I was still able to realize that I had just become a middleman and this was going to be the footprint for my financial future.

For me, I partially consider these the good old days where it meant buying a product and selling it to someone else. Now it’s a lot easier because all you have to do is source out a product and then make it an offer.
This is done through various online platforms such as Click Bank or CJ. All it takes is for you to offer the product and get a commission off of the sale. This is what affiliate selling is all about. To prove that this was a viable way of making money, I became an affiliate for Tony Robbins who is one of the most popular gurus on the Internet when it comes to success.

Now I can sit back and make a healthy 15% on every purchase that is made through me for the Tony Robbins events. I feel good about this because not only am I encouraging people to partake in what Mr. Robbins has to offer which is of great value, but I am making money while doing it.
Using this as an example you too can make money as an affiliate and what you can make is going to depend on the percentage that the program you are affiliated with his prepared to offer you. This can range from anywhere from 2% or 3% up to 25% or 75% or even more. Here’s how to do it.

Step One
Begin by checking out some of the reputable platforms that allow affiliate marketing. These are the ones as mentioned like Commission Junction( CJ) and Click Bank. Then what you need to do is go through the programs that appeal to you the most.

Step Two
Do your research and make sure that you are promoting products or services that are highly regarded on the Internet and ones that you have taken the time to become fully familiar with. Remember, that it is your credibility that is on the line here when you are promoting this to friends and associates.

Step Three
There are many different ways that you can market your affiliate program such as to friends and family and associates, as well as online through your social media or even your website.

Step Four
Don’t oversell and don’t carry so many affiliate programs that it looks like you are nothing more than a person that is pushing for a profit. Remember, people are going to trust you as recommending the services and programs. You want to come across as somebody that is truly offering them something of value, and you care about their wants and needs as much as you care about earning a few bucks off your affiliate sales.