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Zoho Vault Product Description

Passwords can be organized and securely stored with Zoho Vault, an online platform for password management. Once passwords have been entered, you connect to applications and websites directly and with no need to manually enter login credentials. The strongest encryption standard available (AES-256) is used to ensure password security. Workgroups are able to safely share common passwords to grant various access privileges.

How Can Amazing Business Results Help You with Zoho Vault?

Keeping track of the many passwords that each of us uses as we conduct our business and personal lives is difficult when we follow the standards for secure passwords. In other words, it’s recommended that a different password is used for each website in case of a security breach. Cybersecurity threats are relentless, and it’s important to follow best security practices. Zoho Vault enables you to conveniently store business and personal passwords plus share passwords with a team. As your Zoho Partner, I can help to ensure that you are able to easily take advantage of the many beneficial features of Zoho Vault.

Administrators Can Set their Own Password Protocols in Zoho Vault

Cybersecurity is a threat to every business, and strict security measures only help to avoid a cyber-attack that hits its mark. Using Zoho Vault, administrators are able to set password protocols, such as using 15-character alphanumeric passwords with uppercase and lowercase letters and a requirement to change the password monthly.

Zoho Vault offers the Highest Level of Privacy and Security

Unauthorized parties are unable to enter into the Chambers where information is processed in Zoho Vault. The highest level of security protocols are used, including protecting the passwords using AE-256 encryption. An added layer of protection is that Passphrase data is never stored anywhere on Zoho.

Convenient Automatic Log-Ins Save Time

Once passwords are entered into Zoho Vault, it is no longer necessary to enter login credentials in order to connect to applications and websites. Users are able to set their own distinct ownership for all of their passwords, permissions, and roles. If someone is no longer on a team, removing their access is easy.

Gain Visibility with Detailed Reports

With Zoho Vault, you can print a password assessment report. The report lists all passwords in order from weakest to strongest. If there is a problem with a password, the report points it out. For example, a password may not have changed for a long time. The report flags duplicate passwords, which should be avoided. The report also helps you track which users have access to different passwords.

Integration Capabilities are Built Into Zoho Vault

Onboarding is easy with Zoho Vault because it integrates seamlessly with top productivity suites and directories. Out-of-the-box single sign-on support for popular cloud apps is also included. Zoho Vaults integrates with DropBox, Office-365, ZenDesk, Lucidchart, Axure AD, Google, and many more applications.

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