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Zoho SalesIQ Product Description

Zoho SalesIQ is a top-rated customer engagement platform that features live chat, website visitor tracking, and analytics. A tool to help you generate more sales to new and existing customers, Zoho SalesIQ enables you to get to know your website visitors and engage them. You can also provide support in real-time. This advanced tracking tool displays such information as visitor site behavior, visiting frequency, location, and more. It also operates as a customer support and sales intelligence hub, which cuts the costs of buying third-party software.

How Can Amazing Business Results Help You with Zoho SalesIQ?

As your Zoho Partner, I can facilitate your use of Zoho SalesIQ, to save you time and get you started realizing the benefits of this top-rated customer engagement platform. You get to select the criteria gathered about your visitors, such as online behavior and the amount of time spent on the site. Automated customer engagement with its enterprise-ready bot platform supports major AI assistants to extend chat to 24/7 support.

Identify High-Value Prospects and Focus

Attention Where It’s Needed Most
Valuable CRM data is converted into actionable intelligence with Zoho SalesIQ. This customer engagement platform works with Zoho CRM to score prospects in the Lead, Contact, and Potential sections. Not only can you identify high-value prospects but you can track them as they browse through your website. You are equipped to focus your energy in a way that can maximize profits.

Zoho SalesIQ Allows You to Reach Customers with the Best Live Chat Software

From the moment visitors enter your site, you can track their activities. Define your own qualifiers to identify sales-ready leads. Initiate real-time conversations by setting up automatic triggers.

Create Powerful Real-Time Lead Scoring

Tools for real-time lead scoring are critical in order for sales teams to determine which of their prospects should be targeted for priority engagement. With Zoho SalesIQ, you are easily able to categorize visitors on four levels using at least 24 criteria. Multiple rules used on the platform equal efficient lead scoring.

Wow Site Visitors with Personalized Engagement

You can close deals more quickly when you connect with prospects at strategic points on your website. Zoho SalesIQ allows you to route leads to certain sales reps based on their expertise. Automate prospect engagements via email campaigns using intelligent triggers.

Zoho SalesIQ Provides Actionable Analytics

Track the progress of your live chat agents. You are equipped to make smarter decisions for your business by analyzing active departments, top agents, unique visitors, and more key metrics. Also, provide real-time hands-on sales training with Zoho SalesIQ.

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