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Zoho CRM Workflow VS Blueprint

October 21, 2022

One of the common questions from Zoho One users is “what is the difference between a Zoho CRM workflow and a Zoho CRM blueprint?"The main difference between a workflow and a blueprint is how the automation is triggered.

 A Zoho CRM blueprint is triggered by clicking a button. This type of automation is based on states and automatically transition to a new state when a button is clicked by a user. Meanwhile, a Zoho CRM workflow is an automation that is triggered in the background, which means that no user needs to initiate or click anything. It will be triggered by something that happens in the system, specifically one that is based on data or action that is being taken on a record.

Some common examples of a scenario when a workflow would be triggered is when a new lead record is created or the next followup date-time field has arrived. In summary, Zoho CRM blueprints require a manual trigger from a user while a Zoho CRM workflow runs automatically on a system trigger without any action from a user.