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May 17, 2017

Grow Your Investment Portfolio with Book Writing

If you have any interest at all in growing your wealth then most likely you have read at least one book on the subject. Now with today’s modern technology chances are that it has been an E-book that you took advantage of. The point is, that the book or books you read were a source of interest to you.

You could take content that you used before like any posts that your wrote, your powerpoint presentations, and even your YouTube content and turn all of this into a book. Content recycling can be a great money maker.

Where’s the Profit?

. How much money you can make is going to depend on the publisher you use and how many books you sell. However, even if you were only to make $2. per book that you sold for the next five years that would definitely mount up over the years. You would be gleaning a profit for several years from something you only had to write once.

Choosing the Right Topic

You can now reverse this position of where you were once a reader to now becoming the writer. Chances are you may not be at the level as yet where you feel as though you are an expert in finances, so this isn’t a topic you would feel confident writing about. However, there is a very good chance that you have something in your brain that would be of great interest to many other people even if you have not created any previous content that you could use.

It may be that you have great knowledge about a particular industry that you worked in. Or, perhaps you faced a big struggle in life that you came through successfully. It could be that there are many other people out there that are now in a position that you were once in. Your experience could be the very thing that can get them through this. The point is that everyone in life has something important to share with others and one of the greatest ways to be able to do this is by writing a book.

Times Have Changed

At one time writing a book in order to make some money was a big risk. It could potentially cost a fortune to get a hard copy book written and published. Then hoping that it would sell was equivalent to hoping that the stocks that you purchased would go up in value. Meaning that in the old days writing a book was a very precarious endeavour. Now thanks to the modern technology of the internet all of that has changed. In fact, even writing a hard copy book and getting it published has become much more affordable.

How to Begin

Step One
Grow your passion. If you don’t feel that you have something to offer then you are not going to go through with this book writing adventure with the passion it needs to be successful.

Step Two
Know who your avid readers are going to be. This means you need to determine who your target audience is going to be. You may need a publisher for your book and you need to convince them first that you have readers just waiting for you to release your book. Then you have to convince them that the content of the book is going to meet the reader’s wants and needs.

Step Three
Look at your options. Maybe you are not a wordsmith by nature and just aren’t very good at putting your thoughts into exciting readable material. There is nothing wrong with using another person to take your thoughts and put them to paper.

Step Four
Determine Your Resources. This means that you want to look at the different resources that you can use to bring a book to market. For example, you could write a book in the E-reader format and then work at selling it through Amazon. Another method is simply to invest in a cheap PDF publisher and write your own book for scratch and then sell it through your own site, or again via Amazon as a traditional book.

Step Five
Be realistic. Your dream most likely is that your first book is going to instantly big a big seller, and for years to come you will be gleaning royalties from it. There is nothing wrong with dreaming and using it as your goal setting is going to keep you pumped. However, the reality of it is at least for your first book that this will not be the ultimate milestone that you hit. If done properly however, it should make you some money. Making any money is better than not making any.

Step Six
Be versatile. Yes, it is going to take a substantial amount of work to create a book and sell it. You can maximize on these efforts by taking that one book that you have written and put it into other formats.  Here are a few suggestions…

Take your written book and transform it into an audio book.
Take the book and create some slides for it and turn it into a PowerPoint presentation.
The book can be broken down into chapters and converted into a online course.
The book can be segments and turned into a series of reports that could be sold separately.

What you are doing here is taking one potential money making resource and turning it into a collection of money generators.