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CRM - Mistakes You NEED to Avoid!

July 26, 2022

Are you reaping all the benefits from your CRM system? It’s essential to stay ahead of your competition!

If you think your CRM isn’t working, you might not be doing it right. Your CRM system is the manpower needed to gain insightful access to your future, current, and past clients. In doing so, you gain the information you need to further understand your consumers and better navigate your company. There are many misconceptions that come with thinking that CRM is not for you. If so, I’ll teach you how to avoid it and build your customer relationships – The right way!

In this video, I will be referring to many common mistakes companies make when using CRM. Learn some quick and practical tips to enhance your business! One of the mistakes involves using multiple “Required Fields” sections on the lead fill-out forms. Typically, you would want to capture the lead’s company name, phone number, email address, first name, last name, the lead’s source, and so on. Although this is ideal, some company employees may only have partial information available and cannot cover the rest – causing them to randomly leave fields with unusable information. In these scenarios, your CRM system will get clogged. To solve this, finding a business or company employee knowledgeable in CRM would be recommended. You can come up with solutions that involve a blueprint, layout rule, and client scripting instead of a required fields page that may not be effective.

The video then goes more in-depth on other common CRM mistakes companies make, such as hiring unqualified manpower for your system. With our help at Amazing Business Results, we will teach you powerful ways to optimize your company’s CRM system!

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