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Is Zoho Social Worth It?

June 03, 2022

What is Zoho Social?

Zoho Social is a social media management platform that helps companies engage with their customers. The platform allows the user to manage multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram Twitter, LinkedIn and more), create, schedule, edit posts and analyze the content on all your social media platforms. You will be able to engage your customers in real time!

Zoho Social Features

Zoho CRM Integration
Create new leads from anyone who has engaged with your social media accounts. This can be anyone that liked, commented, followed, and sent you a direct message. Track details and check the status of a lead in CRM. You can create rules that can notified you in real time.

By integrating Facebook Lead Ads with Zoho Social, you’ll be able to:
Set up rules to automatically push Leads and Contacts from your social media channels to Zoho CRM.
-Generate leads from your Facebook Lead Ads and sync it with Zoho CRM.
-Know the type of posts that are helping you sell your product, and measure the revenue you’re generating from individual channels with CRM Reports.
-Empower your social media marketing team to share relevant contextual information from social media with your sales team so they can close deals faster.

Scheduling Posts
Plan ahead of time by scheduling your posts. When you schedule in advance Social will by default pick the time of day to publish. This always differs and can be adjusted to your needs. A list of scheduled posts can be found in the posts section. Here you can reschedule by either dragging and dropping the post up or down or you can simply select the post and proceed to edit.

Post and Engagement Summary
Learn which post is performing the best and what demographic they belong to. Social provides a summary of the amount of people that liked a Facebook page and compares the number of people that liked the page organically. Average number of new likes gained and lost are also displayed. When you select any of the information in the summary, a bar graph pops up and will display the data per day.
To save time you can schedule to receive this summary. Choose a date rage and how often you would like to receive the report. These reports can be shared with your team of collaborators.

Monitor Posts
Create your own dashboard to monitor your posts in one place. Add multiple columns to track keywords, @’s and likes. Track conversations and respond to comments and direct messages in your dashboard. Direct messages also have a dedicated section where you can send replies to requests.

Zoho Social Pricing

$10 month/billed annually

  • Company Pages, & Google My Business listings.
  • Home dashboard
  • Recent posts
  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Content scheduling
  • Publishing calendar
  • Published/Scheduled posts
  • zurl link shortner
  • Activity log
  • User tagging
  • Summary Reports
  • Drafts
  • Twitter Location
  • Image Editor

$30 month/ billed annually

  • Everything in standard +
  • 8 channels
  • Livestream
  • Notifications
  • CustomQ
  • Repeat posting
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Popular posts
  • Post insights
  • link shortner
  • Media library
  • Scheduling retweets
  • RSS feeds
  • Cloudpicker
  • Messages
  • Pause/Resume content
  • Mute & Block accounts
  • Connections
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Custom video thumbnail
  • Instagram first comment

Add ons:
Brands $14.50/brand/ month billed annually
Team Member $10/member/month billed annually

$40 month/ billed annually

  • Everything in professional +
  • 9 channels
  • SmartQ
  • Content approvals & workflow
  • Exporting posts
  • Discussing posts
  • Collaborate
  • Team Member audio/video & chat
  • Reports dashboard
  • Custom reports
  • Share reports
  • Manage custom roles
  • Content targeting
  • UTM parameters
  • Lead ads – Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Zoho CRM integration
  • Zoho Desk integration
  • CRM leads & contacts
  • Lead generation

Add ons:
Brands $19.50/brand/ month
Team Member $10/member/month

Whether you have the time or not to post on social media, Zoho Social is a good tool to automate your posts. Analyze the data in the reports you generate to adjust your current/future posts. Adjust your marketing strategy and engage with your customers. Social media is not going away and its best to utilize social media platforms to reach your target audience, grow your brand and revenue.

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