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Getting Paid For your Internet usage

July 18, 2017

Getting Paid For Time You Spend on the Internet

There are a lot of people who just love to surf the web. They love to go to forums and chime in on the topics of the day. Others enjoy doing surveys, and then there are some who like two put their two cents worth of comments in perhaps on a news related sites. Some of these activities could be turned into small money makers. They are not fortune makers, but I personally am one of those people who believe that pennies turn into dollars.

So What’s the Process?

The process really comes down to determining if you can make any money at doing something that you really enjoy. Let’s look at surveys, for example. You just might be one of those people who enjoys doing surveys. They can be interesting and actually there are businesses online that will actually pay a small amount for individuals to complete their surveys.

Then there are some types of businesses who need people to test their products. One very common type for this is game developers. They really need the feedback and the only way they can get this is by letting people play their games. They will set these up in a beta mode and your job is to play the game then give some honest feedback as to the pros and cons about it. Hmm. imagine getting paid to play.

How Much Moolah?

As said, you are not going to make a fortune with these types of activities. It is certainly not something you will want to dedicate your time to if you have something better to do that could glean you some income. However, if your idea of spending leisure time on the web doing some of these things then why not get a few bucks for it.
What you could potentially realistically make is going to depend on what you are doing. It is possible to get paid anywhere from $2 up to $25. or more for taking surveys, but you need to shop around for the legitimate deals for this. There are unfortunately a lot of scams out there that will lead you to a big disappointment.

Steps to Success

Step One:
First, decide which one of these adventures you are going to embark on. Do you want to do surveys, read emails, test games or products? Once you have made this decision the next step is to start looking for legitimate platforms that are going to give you the opportunity.

Step Two:
Confirm the credibility. This means if you are going to be doing surveys or testing then you will most likely be working for market research firms. Check them out to see how long they have been online and how established they are. Do some really in-depth research into reviews that have been written about them. Know how to weed out the bogus reviews from the authentic ones.

Step Three:
Don’t invest any money. The whole idea here is that you are supposed to be making some money and not putting any of your money out. What can happen is that there are some fly by night companies that will offer to sell you a list of companies that offer survey taking for money. The problem is that many on the list are no longer offering this opportunity. Then a bunch of them will not qualify you for taking their surveys. So in the end you have paid for a list that offers you nothing.

Step Four:
Be realistic about the time that you are spending at this. It is nice to get paid a little bit for what you like to do but don’t become obsessive about it. Don’t spend any more than a few hours a day at this. If the goal has become to make some extra money then chances are realistically there are many other opportunities for you to be able to do this, that will give you a much greater payout. The whole purpose of this adventure is to get paid for something that you are going to be doing anyway.