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June 03, 2017

Could You Turn an Audio Book Into a Stepping Stone For Success?

Accomplishing anything in life usually brings one a great deal of satisfaction. I know personally that when I have completed something on my agenda I feel great about it. Not just because I am expecting some result from the work I have completed, but also because I have just accomplished something else. This is the same experience that you can get with the completion of an audio book.

What Is the Experience You Can Expect?

You can expect to have created another milestone in your life. Once your audio book hits the market you can consider yourself to be an author. This is not based on how many sales you make, but is based on the fact that you authored the audio book.
You can also expect that if the audio book happens to be something that people need and want then you could very well make a profit from it. This is profit that you may want to add to your portfolio, or it may be profit that you want to use to reward yourself. Either way, it could be a money maker that you were not expecting.

How Much Money Can Really Be Made with Audio Books?

Just how much money you can make is all going to depend on your involvement. For example, you can create an audio book from start to finish. Meaning that you are going to provide the content, then go through the steps to publish and market it. Or, you could simply become a audio book narrator. If you happen to have a good clear voice you may find that this is a quick and simple way to make some extra money.

If you go this route then you will be basically working for someone else. The terms of payment can vary but it is indicated that payment is by way of an hourly rate which can average around $100. per hour. So if you were to dedicate ten hours a month even to this venture you could be pocketing an extra $1,000. each month.
If the goal you have set for your audio book is to glean a profit from it then how much you sell it for will dictate this. If it is a good book on a topic that is in demand then you probably can sell if from around $25. to $35. per audiobook.

What Are Audio Books?

All audio books are is text that is being read which can be a story, or a collection of news or some type of educational content. This form of book has actually grown in popularity and is now becoming the choice over many traditional books or even e-books that are read with an e-reader.

How to Break Into the Audio Book Industry

First step: What Role Are You Going to Take On?

Is to determine whether you are going to create your own content, or whether you are going to take on the role of being a narrator.

Second Step: What Are You Going to Use for Content?

If you have created other forms of content then you are already a step ahead for the creation of an audio book. You can simply take that content and record it then offer it as a audio book.

If you do not have content as yet but have some ideas that would work for you and it is something that people would have an interest in then you can proceed with this. You may want to put it into written form first, so you then have a script to read from.

Third Step: Taking on the Narrator Role

If you are not into content creation then you need to consider being a narrator. For this you are going to need a clear voice and be able to articulate well. Some of this may come naturally to you but there is some training that you could take if you find this is really something you enjoy.

Fourth Step: Practice Makes Perfect

For narrating you need to add some emotion to your voice and if this is something that you are not comfortable with then you can take some courses to help you with this.

Fifth Step: Fine Tuning Your New Skills

There will be other things that you will need to know like the speed of your talking and how loud you are. If you are taking on the role of a character in the narrative then you are going to have to be consistent with your vocal presentations.

This may seem like a lot of work, but you could pick and choose the type of audio books that you wanted to narrate for. Then don’t forget if you have a topic of interest you could really test this by creating an audio book where you won’t feel intimidated working for someone else.