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5 Ways To Create A Powerful Landing Page

June 01, 2022

What is a landing page?

Creating a powerful landing page is essential to the success of an online marketing campaign. A landing page is the first page you “land on” after clicking a link. The focus of this landing page is to gather information (emails), to convert visitors into leads and sales. You will have to determine what your landing page’s job is.
Here are a few different types of landing pages:

  • Sales page:
    The purpose of a sales page is to make an immediately sale.
  • Squeeze page:
    Collects emails from visitors to contact the potential client in the future.
  • Lead Capture page:
    Collects information about a lead. Some of the data includes, phone numbers, company size, job title and addresses. This helps you build relationships with your leads.
  • Click Through Page:
    Warms up a visitor by sending them to their final destination.

5 important things to focus on when creating a landing page

1. Headline

This is the first thing a visitor will read. Create a headline that stands out to pique the visitors interest and persuades them into buying what you’re selling. Focus on how the user benefits from your product/service. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add some energy to your headline. Adding words like “choose”, “save”, “enjoy” can compliment your call to action.

2. Call to action

A call to action can be a text hyperlink, plain text with no link or a button. Some examples of this are “call now”, “find out more” or “start learning now”. The possibilities are endless.
Using a button with high contrasting colors is HIGHLY recommended. This makes your call of action stand out and keeps your visitors eyes focus on the action. Keep your calls to action short and give them a sense of urgency. This will make people think that they need to act NOW or they will be missing out.

Here are examples if you want to evoke an emotional response:
“Build muscle in 4 weeks”
“Limited time offer. Get your free class today!”
“Buy now & Get 40% off”

3. Hero shot

An image or video designed to help the visitors imagine what it’s like to own your product or services. Try to use multimedia that includes REAL satisfied customer, client or team member. If this is not an option, choose stock photos that do not look fake. Choose stock images that are authentic to your product/service. People want to see a person using your product.

4. Body of benefits

Make this short, sweet and to the point. List benefits, how will this benefit the visitor? What problem does this solve and how? Write a descriptive summary and no overselling or underselling.

5. Social proof

Include testimonials and reviews from REAL sources. Visitors trust what other satisfied customers have to say about specific services. You want to reassure the visitor that your products/services are worth the purchase. This can be as simple as taking reviews posted on Yelp or Google and placing the image on your page.

Once you implement those 5 important steps you will without a doubt have an amazing landing page. The leads will convert themselves with no additional work on your end.

If you have questions or have trouble creating a landing page we are here to help!
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