The “Lior Izik‘s SMS Plugin" was created and supported by “Direct7 Networks (D7)" based on Lior Izik‘s business logic. The SMS plugin was designed to work with ZOHO CRM.

Convert More Leads Using Our Robust SMS Plugin For Zoho CRM

What can you expect to get from our license-free SMS Plugin?

Send and receive SMS Messages:
Sending SMS message With a Click of a Button
  • Send SMS Messages from the Leads, Contacts and Deals modules
  • Receive incoming SMS messages to the Leads, Contacts and Deals modules
Automated SMS Messages Delivery:
Send Messages Automatically Based On Events
  • Automate SMS Messages using Workflows
  • Automate SMS Messages using Blueprint
  • Automate SMS Messages using Webhooks
  • Automate SMS Messages using Event triggers
  • Prepaid Model - Pay As You go:
    Pay Only For The Messages You Send and Receive
    • Honest and transparent billing model
    • Pay only for the incoming SMS that you send
    • Zero fees on incoming SMS
    • Competitive pricing model for US SMS ($0.012 per outgoing message)
    • Sender ID (dedicated phone number): $2.00 per month
    • Detailed rates table:
    The Number is Yours!:
    Sender ID (dedicated phone number) Is Yours
    • Most SMS Providers Will Keep Your SMS Number When You Ask to Leave. This Is How You Will Become Their Hostage. We Beleive In A Honest Commerce And Will Let You Keep The Number If You Like To Leave
    Free SMS Course To All Our Clients:
    Learn More, Get To Do More
    • Get a Free "How To" SMS Course
    • How To Load Money to Your Prepaid SMS Solution?
    • How To Configure The Plugin In 2 Minutes
    • How To Send and Receive SMS Messages From and To Your Zoho CRM
    • How To Create Advanced Automations With a Few Clicks
    • How To Send SMS Using Workflow, Blueprint, Events and More
    Open REST API:
    Integrate Our SMS With Any Web Solution
    • REST API Solution for Web Services
    • Capture Leads, Nurture And Qualify Them
    • Documentation For Software Designers and Programmers
    • Send a Single Message
    • Send Bluk Messages
    • Send Binary Messages
    • SMS scheduling and Callbacks
    Sales, Support and Billing Inquiries:

    For sales-related and partnership inquiries:

    Basic Features:
    • Easy installation (Zero code involved)

    • Free Course - How to make use of the SMS system to close more deals and reduce customer support calls.

    • Send & Receive text messages manually (click and send from Zoho CRM)

    • Send & Receive text messages using Custom Functions, Webhooks and Workflows

    • Step by step online course on how to send SMS using Zoho Automation

    • One Click SMS Templates to send SMS messages quickly

    • Native integration with Leads, Contacts and the Deals module

    • Notification on new SMS using push notifications (mobile phone), Emails and Tasks

    • Free online support and help with installation

    • Bulk (campaigns) SMS

    Please review the video demonstrations of our SMS system before you commit or make any business decision.

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    Create reports in 5 minutes with zero coding skills

    About Lior Izik

    I am a Business Consultant and an Authorized Zoho Partner. I work with small business owners directly to help them learn, optimize, and customize their business and their Zoho systems.

    My goal is to reduce my clients’ dependency on my services by working one-on-one with them via online sessions. I teach my clients how to properly utilize Zoho systems and answer any pressing questions they may have regarding the software. The sessions are recorded and can be referred back to if needed.

    Because I work around this engaging model, the number of working hours is much less and my clients have full ownership of their Zoho system from day one. In addition, because we are working together, it’s easier to give them a more hands-on experience and avoid a surfeit of misunderstandings.

    Bonus: Zoho SMS Course

    Over the past few years, I have trained over 9,000 students and 100s of business owners on how to use Zoho CRM and benefit from its amazing capabilities. The Zoho CRM course that we have created is designed to take you from the basics on how to setup the system and all the way to create Blueprint, automation, and more.

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