• Zoho CRM On-Demand Online Training

    Amazing Business Results offers an affordable Zoho CRM subscription based online Training.
    Bonus: weekly videos on how to use the different Zoho One products

Who Should Take The Training Program?

New to Zoho and need training? Watched endless Zoho videos but can't connect it all together? Don't have time to teach your new employee how to use Zoho? Want to take advantage of the newest features that Zoho has to offer?

Over the past few years we have trained 100s of business owners and employees on how to use Zoho CRM and benefit from its amazing capabilities. The Zoho CRM course that we have created is designed to take you from the basics on how to setup the system and all the way to create Blueprint, automation, and more. 

Beside the CRM course, we are creating valuable content on a weekly basis. Every week we will select one Zoho application out of the 45 available in the market and we will demonstrate its capabilities and how it can help you in your day to day business activities.

Zoho Authorized Partner & Zoho CRM Certified Consultant

Our Zoho CRM Online On-Demand Training Program Includes:

No fluff, to the point Zoho CRM Training mixed with sales and marketing best practices

Lesson 1: 
Zoho CRM Introduction

  • What is Zoho CRM?

  • How will it benefit my organization?

  • Why do I need it?

  • Modules in the system

  • Which groups can use it?

  • Two-factor authentication

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 2: 
General Setup

  • Setup users

  • Personal Settings

  • Company Details

  • Business hours

  • Currencies

  • Gamescope

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 3: 
Users and Permissions

  • Users

  • Security Control

  • Roles and Profiles

  • Best practice when creating employees profiles(No delete and no export abilities)

  • Compliance Settings

  • Territory Management

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 4: 
Email For Administrators

  • Email Setup 

  • Email Sharing 

  • Email Parser 

  • BCC Dropbox 

  • Email Insights 

  • Organization Emails

  • Email Authentication 

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 5: 
Email for Users

  • Email Setup 

  • IMAP / POP3 Setup

  • Email Sharing Permissions

  • BCC Dropbox

  • Email Insights 

Audience: Users

Lesson 6: 
VOIP Phone System

  • Setup a Twilio Account

  • Integrate Twilio with Zoho CRM

  • Handle Incoming Calls

  • Handle Outgoing Calls

  • Save Call Recordings

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 7: 
Social Setup

  • Integrate Twitter with the CRM

  • Integrate Facebook with the CRM

  • Configure Social Automation rules

  • Convert Social Activities Into New Leads

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 8: 
Chat and Visitor Tracking

  • Intro to Zoho SalesIQ

  • Portal Integration with CRM

  • Visitor Tracking

  • Leads System Chat Integration

  • Website Visitors Log

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 9: 
SalesSignals Settings

  • SalesSignals intro

  • Why Do I Need To Use The Zoho SalesSignals Module

  • How To Setup SalesSignals?

  • Single and Multi-column View

  • Work With Filters

  • Manage Your Work with Folders

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 10: 
Modules & Fields - Part 1

  • Modules Structure Overview 

  • Modules Organization

  • Tab Groups

  • Web Tabs 

  • Rename Modules

  • Special Modules with Special Features

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 11: 
​Modules & Fields - Part 2

  • Module Creation 

  • Module Update

  • Layouts 

  • Layout Rules 

  • Validation Rules 

  • Fields Options 

  • Relationship fields

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 12: 
Automation - Introduction

  • High Level Workflow

  • High Level Blueprint

  • High Level Custom Functions

  • High Level Webhooks

  • Scheduling

  • Scoring Rules

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 13: 
Workflow Rules

  • Create New Workflow Rule

  • Workflow Limitation

  • Record, Date Time, and Score Based Rules

  • Work With Conditions

  •  Instant & Scheduled Actions

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 14: 

  • What is a Blueprint and Why It's an Important Feature

  • Criteria Based Blueprint

  • Transitions and States

  • Permission Based Actions

  • Event Based Actions

  • Blueprint in Action

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 15: 
Assignment Rules

  • Lead Assignment Rule
  • Criteria Based Rules
  • Ownership Assignment
  • follow-up tasks

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 16: 
Scoring Rules

  • Scoring Rules Philosophy

  • What Modules Work with The Scoring Rules?

  • Add and Subtract Points

  • Email Insights & Twitter score

  • Zoho Sign Score

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 17: 
Sales Process

  • Sales Process Overview

  • Lead Conversion Process

  • What To do With Dead Leads

  • What To Do With The Difficult Leads

  • Let Zoho Be your Babysitter

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 18: 
Contacts Accounts Deals

  • Basics Of The Contacts, Accounts and Deals modules

  • Know Your Deals

  • Stage Probability Mapping
  • Automation Using The Deal Stages

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 19: 

  • Tasks
  • Calls
  • Events
  • Overwhelmed With Activities?
  • Think Before You Automate Activities!

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 20: 
Accounting - Part 1

  • Products Overview
  • Sales Orders Overview
  • Purchase Orders Overview
  • Quotes Overview 
  • Invoices Overview

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 21: 
Accounting - Part 2

  • Sign a Quote

  • Integrate with Zoho Finance Suite 

  • Print/Download an Invoice or  a Quote

  • Connect It All (Lead To a Paid invoice)

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 22: 

  • Track Your Account Receivables

  • Create Notifications For Late Payments

  • Create Tasks For Collections

  • Manage Expectations - Be Clear About Payment Deadlines.

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 23: 
Email Template

  • Create an Email Template
  • Merge Fields
  • Organize Your Templates
  • Sharing Permissions
  • Send an Email Template Manually
  • Automate an Email Template

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 24: 
Inventory Templates

  • Create an Inventory Template
  • Merge Fields
  • Organize Your Templates
  • Sharing Permissions
  • Print an Inventory Template

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 25: 
Approval Process

  • Approval Process Rules

  • Who should Approve

  • Approving or Rejecting from the Approval Tab

  • Reorder Approval Processes and Process Rules

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 26: 

  • Access 100s of Pre-Made Reports

  • Everyone Want reports... Only Few Knows What They Need...

  • Report Creation

  • Share Your Reports

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 27: 

  • What Is The Marketplace
  • How To Choose The right Extension?
  • How To Install an Extension?
  • Can I create My Own Extension?

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users

Lesson 28: 
Backup, import & Export

  • Setup Backups
  • Plan Your Data imports In Advance
  • Data Migration
  • Import Records
  • Export Records

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Lesson 29: 
Audit & Restore Actions

  • What Is The Recycle Bin 

  • How To Recover a Deleted Record

  • How To Undo Destructive Actions 

  • What Is The Audit Log 

  • How To Track Actions Using The Audit Log & Timeline

Audience: Business owners, Administrators, Users


Our funder and owner Lior Izik has been involved in the business world since 2005 and gain ground as marketer, web expert and a business coach. Over the years, he has worked with a wide range of companies diverse in industries, and in size from small to large. Here are some companies Lior worked with on different projects.

Would you hire a Zoho trainer who has never played the game?

In the past 25 years I have created, managed and sold multiple companies in different industries. Over the years business owners came to me with a request to help them with their business problems. In time my day to day role changed from a business owner to a business consultant.

The main problem that I have faced as a business consultant is that business owners wanted to take action on the points that we discussed but had no tools to make it happen. I was looking for an inexpensive robost business system that can help with sales, marketing, customer support, recruiting and more. This is how I found Zoho!

Since I have found Zoho my role shifted from a business consultant to a Zoho consultant. Using Zoho I am able to have a bigger impact on my customers businesses in less time. Zoho became my day to day job. Most of my day is invested in training sessions, helping my customers know the system better so they can take advantage of its capabilities.