The “Real Estate Agents Zoho CRM" Package includes a customized Zoho CRM for Real Estate Agents. On top of the CRM, You can enjoy Zoho One that includes over 40 advanced business apps.

Manage Your Real Estate Business Like a Pro

What can you expect to get from a $30 per month expense?

Sales & Marketing:
Let Zoho One Save You From... Yourself
  • Push leads to the CRM from your Email
  • Telephony Integration
  • Social Media Integration (FB, Insta, GMB, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Live Chat on your website
  • Webforms (get leads from your website to Zoho CRM
  • Self-Service Portal for your clients and leads
  • Web Conferencing to accomodate online meetings
  • Team Collaboration using Zoho Cliq
  • Realtime Notifications on new leads, deals and more
Salesforce Automation:
Effective automation Processes
  • Lead Management
  • Deal Management
  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Workflow Rules
  • Macros
  • Assignment Rules
  • Forecasting
  • Sales Analytics
  • Mobile Apps
Digital Signature:
An Advanced Signature App
  • Sign Documents Right From Your Gmail
  • Set Expiration Date
  • Set Reminders
  • Add multiple recipients
  • Control The Signing order
  • Create templates Easily
  • Send documents securely
  • Multi-factor authentication

Audience: Business owners, Administrators

Appointments Scheduling:
Appointments Management
  • Perfect for managing one-on-one meetings
  • Coordinate Appointments With Staff Members
  • Sync Appointments With Your Calendar
  • Set Up Text And Email Alerts For Customers
  • Allow You To Customize Your availability
  • Give Each Staff Member A Booking Page They Can Share Or Embed
Live Chat:
Close Leads Faster
  • Track And Engage Your Website Visitors
  • Geolocate Your Visitors
  • Automatic Chat Translation
  • Identify New And Returning Visitors
  • Real-time Traffic Monitoring
  • Automated Website Visitor Engagement
  • Visitor Insights And Lead Scoring.
  • Engage Your Visitors 24/7 With Bots
Marketing Hub:
Engage With Your Leads
  • Complete Lead Management
  • Capture Leads, Nurture And Qualify Them
  • Understand Every Activity Of Your Audience
  • Analyze The Effectiveness Of Your Campaigns
  • Email, Social Media, Or SMS Campaigns
  • From Acquisition To Customer Loyalty
  • Create Unique Lead-To-Customer Journeys
Automated Email Campaigns
  • Import Your Subscribers From Various Sources
  • Test Out Your Campaign To Find Out Which Campaign Is The Most Effective.
  • Design Converting Newsletters
  • Pre-designed Templates At No Additional Cost
  • Zero Code: Drag-and-drop Email Editor
  • Create And Schedule An Email Series (Drip Campaigns)
  • Merge Tags Help You Sound More Human And Build A Better Connection
Sales Inbox:
Email Inbox For Agents
  • No More Sifting Through Endless Notifications And Irrelevant Emails
  • An Inbox That Cuts Through The Clutter For You
  • Organizes Your Emails Into Leads, Sales And Deals
  • Perform Your Activities Right From Your Inbox
  • Automate The Process Of Lead Conversion
  • Let SalesInbox Lead The Way With Alerts For Follow-up Activities And Notifications About The Conversations That Matter Most

Please review the video demonstrations before you commit or make any business decision.

Zoho CRM in Action

Digital Signature

Email Marketing

Zoho One Apps Overview

Zoho CRM for Real Estate Agents explained – Part 1

Zoho CRM for Real Estate Agents explained – Part 2

Zoho CRM for Real Estate Agents explained – Part 3

Make More Sales With Zoho Canvas View

Version 2 – Properties and Home Services

How To – Email Drip Campaigns using Zoho CRM

How To Send Mass Text Messages From Zoho?

Create reports in 5 minutes with zero coding skills

About Lior Izik

I am a Business Consultant and an Authorized Zoho Partner. I work with small business owners directly to help them learn, optimize, and customize their business and their Zoho systems.

My goal is to reduce my clients’ dependency on my services by working one-on-one with them via online sessions. I teach my clients how to properly utilize Zoho systems and answer any pressing questions they may have regarding the software. The sessions are recorded and can be referred back to if needed.

Because I work around this engaging model, the number of working hours is much less and my clients have full ownership of their Zoho system from day one. In addition, because we are working together, it’s easier to give them a more hands-on experience and avoid a surfeit of misunderstandings.

Bonus: Zoho CRM Course

Over the past few years, I have trained over 9,000 students and 100s of business owners on how to use Zoho CRM and benefit from its amazing capabilities. The Zoho CRM course that we have created is designed to take you from the basics on how to setup the system and all the way to create Blueprint, automation, and more.

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