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    Our top rated packages designed for business owners that like to take ownership on their business.
    We do the work for you and teach you on the way how we did it using recorded online meetings

Bird Eye View Of Our Offering

We offer our services as A La Carte, Pre-defined Packages or as an on retainer basis. The main difference between the services is that A La Carte service is based on availability with no commitment. Our retainer is a service that we commit to you and available for you a few hours per week/month.

In the past, I used to have many employees and run a sizeable operation. The main problem that I had with this concept is that my clients didn’t get the service I hoped they would get, as well as I was not the one who serviced them. 

After selling this business, I started a small, yet quality company where I became the main contact for my clients. I wanted to be a part of the mission, from planning and project management to brainstorming with my clients. 

The employees and vendors I work with will be in charge of the routine tasks such as writing code, creating content, create designs, etc. This formula has proven itself effective time and time again, and I can promise my clients the highest level of service possible. 

Amazing Business Results was born back in 2014 and since then, we have stayed steady with the same number of clients. Our goal is to stay a small, quality company that offers Zoho Integration, Marketing Architect Services, and Business Coaching Services. Our goal is to have retainer service with our clients. After spending time on your account we will be able to know your business, your offering, market advantages and more. It makes sense to take this knowledge and utilize it for more projects and merge the accumulated knowledge. 

Because I am personally involved with every project, my agreements are based on availability, as I can’t allocate more time than my schedules capacity. 

My 5 stars service is based on mutual trust. I bill your credit card based on the agreed amounts and provide you the services I am committed to during the month. Leftover hours will carry on to the next month. You will never lose hours that weren't used. Our agreement can be cancelled with one week notice.

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