Converting Landing Pages

A landing page is simply a web page that directs consumers to what they’re searching for. If a consumer is searching for “brain injury lawyer in Vaughan”, through the search results, that consumer should come across a page that’s about a brain injury lawyer in Vaughan. Landing pages should provide customer with a clear path to what they are searching for in order to maximize the chances that they will take action to benefit that business, such as placing an inquiry, booking a consultation or making a sale.

Unfortunately, what often occurs, is a consumer will search for specific products or services, but when they click on their search results, they end up on a homepage that doesn’t show what they’re searching for; another common case is that the homepage overwhelms them with so many other options that they end up leaving the site and it costs the business a sale.

For example, say that user who was searching for a brain injury lawyer in Vaughan is now presented with different options, that he can’t make up his mind right away, so instead, he delays, and later goes elsewhere.

This a case that go and got Pay Per Click (PPC) results. The user didn’t click on those results. The search phrase “brain injury lawyer in Vaughan” would cost businesses roughly $70 per click. Some of the advertisers will send the users to a page that doesn’t really fit what the user is searching for. If the business owner is spending $70 per click, the user should at least be sent to a web page that is about brain injuries, as this would raise conversions by at least 50%.

Your business’ landing pages should be consistent and make the experience as easy as possible for the customer to navigate.

There are several factors that affect whether or not a user decides to take action. For example, when people are shown an image of another person staring at them, they get distracted from the rest of the content on the page. If there is a contact form on the page it significantly reduces the chances of a potential customer taking action. That being said, an image of a person looking at the contact form is more likely to get a conversion since this subconsciously directs the user’s attention to the form.

Other elements like spacing, color, margins, and positioning, also impact a consumer’s decision-making process; these things also determine how effective a page is or not depending on the actions taken. Building high quality landing pages is our services that we use to help increase your online business’ conversion rate. The pages we create are based on our own based on our industry experience.

From our experience, using best practice methods are conversion killers. A carousel format of rotating banners is one a example of a “best practice;” while it makes the page look cool, it can often overwhelm or confuse visitors with too many options. If they are confused or overwhelmed, they aren’t going to take the action you want. This is why businesses needs more marketing experts who understand consumer behaviour, rather than just designers who are good at making cool looking websites.  

From the content’s message to the margins, everything needs to be effectively put together in a way that is consistent with what your business is trying to sell. This is where our expertise comes in. We work with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve, and how we can we need to do to ensure your business succeeds.  

We map out ways for your business to create meaningful interactions with your customers, and convert their visits. Contact us today for a free audit of your website.


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