Understanding Canada’s Realty Market Swell

If you’ve got your ear to the ground in any sector of the business or financial world, you know by now that real estate is a hot topic in Canada. The realty market is booming, showing somewhere between 40-50% growth in the last few years, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Don’t be […]

>Unleash the Beast, and then Kill It! 1 Tip to Improve Your Writing and Bust Through Writer’s Block

Like many aspiring writers, I have a tendency to overwrite and over-think. It’s eating at me even now, urging me to spin this sentence into something greater than it is. Overbearing vocabulary and over-complicated phrasing all comes from this monster that lives inside my head. Never sit to write with your final draft in mind…. […]

Building the Happiness Metric: Balancing Satisfaction and Ambition for Better Business

Business experts around the world have begun to look at “the happiness metric” as a consistent indicator of success. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise; mental health and productivity are irrevocably linked. Companies like Delivering Happiness even suggest that a “higher sense of purpose” can lead to a 400% performance improvement. With this […]

Ego-Boost Your Bottom Line: How To Sell More with Social Engineering

Have you ever noticed how many people seem to come up with their best business ideas while on vacation? It seems like a paradox, but it happens all the time. After a few days of lounging in the sun, we start to miss the thrill of the chase, and before long, the brainstorming begins. Lightning […]

The Abraham Lesson and How It Affects Business and Our Personal Lives

Here, we’ll go back to the basics with a core concept that will lead the lesson we’re about to learn. It helps to remember it before we dive in. In the old days there were prophets who were able to get G-D guidance. They were able to get instructions directly from the source. In order […]


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