Body Language for Business: Reading the Room

Understanding body language is crucial in the business world, and anywhere else for that matter. Want to know how your client feels about a particular contract clause? Curious whether this salesperson’s offer has a “catch”? Need to know which part of your pitch the prospect is really interested in? It’s all within reach; once you […]

Expanding Your Company: 1 Piece of Business Advice to Keep You One Step Ahead

If you’ve been scouring the internet for business advice blogs like these, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say how important it is for your company to stay “one step ahead.” But that doesn’t do much for you on its own. It’s about as useful as a coach telling their team to score more points and […]

Big Game Hunting for Business Owners: 3 Attributes You Need to Succeed

If you’ve read my book, or any of my blogs about what the martial arts can teach us about business, you know that I’m a big believer in “transcendent lessons.” When you’re trying to evolve your approach as an entrepreneur, you’ll find that there’s a lot of useful information you can harvest from other fields. […]

The Dark Side Of Equipment Leasing & Financing

If you’re thinking about, or are in the process of leasing or financing equipment for your office, a client’s painful experience in the past has me inclined towards advising you to give it a second thought, or at least know to ask the right questions. Taking this pause to rethink your decision might cost a […]


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